Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Knowle relocation project: and the Exeter bus station 'passion project' >>> major decisions "made behind closed doors by a small clique"

Exeter needs a new bus station:
Futures Forum: Do you commute into Exeter? >>> Complete the University of Exeter's survey to find ways to reduce traffic congestion

Things seem to be going badly, however:

Exeter's Labour council, the PSPO and bus station scheme SLAMMED by defector

By Alex_Richards | Posted: March 01, 2017

A city councillor just blasted "the current culture" of Exeter Labour Party, who lead the city council, as he defects to the Green Party.

Speaking with DevonLive, Cllr Chris Musgrave, who moved to Exeter from South Wales in 2010, said he and others in the party feel at odds with the current regime at Paris Street's Civic Centre.

Cllr Musgrave, 30, partly blames the handling of the bus and coach station redevelopment, claiming the views of 'backbench' councillors were not heard during the decision process - with major decisions "made behind closed doors by a small clique."

He said: "I mistakenly believed I'd be consulted and be part of the decision making.

"There has been little discussion in the part about St Sidwell's Point and the The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO). A small clique make the decisions instead of having discussions about contentious issues with the entire party.

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