Saturday, 11 August 2018

Big Butterfly Count > last day Sunday 12th August

A particular story caught the attention of the national and international media:
Futures Forum: "Blundering council worker flattens Big Butterfly Count meadow" in the Knowle parkland > further national coverage
Futures Forum: "Blundering council worker flattens Big Butterfly Count meadow" in the Knowle parkland > international coverage

This particular meadow might have been obliterated, but the count must go on:
Futures Forum: Big Butterfly Count > 20th July - 12th August

And this weekend is our last chance to contribute, as the latest letter from Butterfly Conservation reminds us:

News from Butterfly Conservation

It's been an incredible summer so far. More than 80,000 Big Butterfly Counts have been submitted and we can't wait to find out how our butterflies have fared in the warm, sunny conditions.

The last day of the Count is this Sunday, so don't forget to find 15 minutes to tell us what is fluttering where you are.

Spending time outside has significant health benefits and seeing butterflies always lifts our spirits. Why not take the Secret Gardener's advice and start planning how your garden could become a sanctuary for both you and our wildlife in time for next year's Big Butterfly Count? Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts - our butterflies certainly seem to be.
Counting The Coppers
History fans are being asked to take a closer look at castles this summer in a bid to track the changing fortunes of one of the UK’s most striking and overlooked butterflies.

The Small Copper is in long-term decline, with almost half of the UK’s population being lost over the last 40 years, but this could be a bumper year for the butterfly, which thrives in particularly warm, dry summers. Ancient meadows surrounding historic sites are a great place to find the Small Copper and other grassland species such as the Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Common Blue.

Dig it: Gardening For Good Health
Sir David Attenborough has said: 'counting butterflies is good for you.'  The mental health charity MIND are backing this year's Big Butterfly Count and agree that spending just fifteen minutes with nature can boost your wellbeing. Science also links gardening with good health, so why not combine the two and welcome wildlife into your outdoor space?

The Secret Gardener investigates why the smell of soil can raise a smile and looks at how your garden could provide precious breathing space for both you and our struggling butterflies and moths.

Look Out For...

All Aflutter - Summer is flying by

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