Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Regenerating Exmouth seafront >>> appointing HemingwayDesign to 'provide a renewed momentum' > Transition Exmouth responds

Transition Exmouth have met up with the District Councillor leading the regeneration of the seafront:
Futures Forum: Regenerating Exmouth seafront: "control of the process will remain with the Exmouth Regeneration Board "

They have since felt compelled to object to the planning application:

Sustainable Exmouth:

Watersports Centre

Ref. No: 18/0376/MFUL

“Construction of new water sports centre including various facilities for water sports users, a cafe, restaurant and retail plus car parking and open space together with associated infrastructure including new stepped and ramped access to the beach and landscaping - Car Park Off Queens Drive Exmouth EX8 2AY”

Much to our annoyance, Andy and felt that we had to object as Transition Exmouth. We are unhappy about the incomplete consultation report, which didn’t mention environmental aspects and perceived a lack of detail about energy use, indicating that a less-than-thorough energy audit had been done. We were satisfied at the more obvious aspects of the design but in the quest for an eco-positive development, felt that despite all the fine words, they had not proved their case.

Transition Exmouth 

However, they had suggested some time before that an independent consultant should be taken on:
Futures Forum: Regenerating Exmouth seafront >>> appointing HemingwayDesign to 'provide a renewed momentum'

This is Transition Exmouth's own response: 

Phase 3

The EDDC cabinet approved the appointment of Hemingway Design for the long-requested independent consultation. Our involvement in this was publicly acknowledged and Wayne Hemingway has written to me:

'... we are looking forward to getting to know Exmouth more and doing our bit. We are grateful that Transition Exmouth suggested Hemingway Design at an early date so my thanks for that. ... I and my team are starting to gather and interpret key data to build up a picture of Exmouth and then move on with analysis, applying our wider expertise and increasing local engagement. The engagement will definitely include local organisations like Transition Exmouth and the involvement of the local arts community as well. … Lets keep in touch over these next weeks and months'.

EDDC have promised to publish the design brief ‘shortly’ and we believe that the timescale that Hemingway is working to will require him to deliver a report this year.

We have been told for some time now that they are prepared to go ‘Back to the Drawing Board’ on this so there’s everything to play for. GET INVOLVED!

Transition Exmouth


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