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Earlier in the year, Sustainable Crediton pointed to a new project starting up in Exeter:

Exeter City Futures Survey

28 February 2016
Logo for Exeter City Futures
Not a survey about Exeter City Football Club but about the exciting new project launched recently in Exeter by the community interest company Exeter City Futures.

Now is the moment to ask:

What is the future of Exeter?
What are the challenges that we face?
What do we want our city to be like in ten years' time?
Exeter City Futures is a Community Interest Company to begin finding answers to these questions and to lead in the design of an ambitious transformation project for our city.
Have your say by answering this simple survey.

Sustainable Crediton - Exeter City Futures Survey

And the local press too were getting more interested:
Exeter City Futures: New partnership aims to tackle congestion, energy and health problems | Exeter Express and Echo
Exeter City Futures unveils plan for Science Park research centre | Exeter Express and Echo

This is new public interest company set up by the City Council and Oxygen House:
Home | ATASS Group

Much of the project is about technology:
Lightfoot reports positive start to Exeter City Futures efficient driving trial | Exeter Express and Echo
Ben Bradshaw backs Exeter City Futures trial of Lightfoot safer driving device | Exeter Express and Echo

And innovation:
Boston tech entrepreneurs 'blown away' by innovative Exeter | Exeter Express and Echo
Pitch your business ideas at Startup Weekend Exeter | Exeter Express and Echo

Friday, June 10 – Sunday, June 12, Innovation Centre, Exeter
Startup Weekend Exeter returns for a third time. Exeter City Futures, in collaboration with the University of Exeter, The Innovation Centre and SETsquared Exeter, are looking to target and create 10 new investment worthy start-ups in the city by the end of the year. They are particularly interested in products and services that could enrich the quality of life and environment in the city.
The weekend will consist of pitching ideas, team working, business coaching and mentoring to take nascent ideas through to fully formed propositions. Any business idea can be pitched and developed during the Startup Weekend, however, Exeter City Futures is especially interested in encouraging new business ideas that respond to the needs of sustainable cities –specifically to realise the goals of zero congestion and zero carbon by 2025 namely in the areas of Energy Transport and Health.
To find out more about what’s involved, watch a video at bit.do/exestartupvideo.
For more information and tickets, visit exeterstartup.co.uk or contact Exeter City futures at info@exetercityfutures.com.
Exeter business events diary: May 20 - July 8 | Exeter Express and Echo

And sustainability:

Exeter City Futures - A Sustainable Future for Exeter on Vimeo

Here is ECF's manifesto:


Whatever issue we’re talking about – climate change, population growth, energy, transport, health, education – sometimes the world’s big challenges just seem too vast and complex for us to make a contribution. They leave us feeling frustrated. Individually our views are like drops in the ocean. But what if we started tackling these problems together, as a City? What about using Exeter’s future as a model for the way cities could operate across the globe?
Maybe Exeter could change the world.
That isn’t as crazy as it sounds.
In so many ways the planets are aligned for us. Exeter now has the power to be the city other cities follow…
– We’re big enough to be facing the consequences of some of those major global challenges, but small enough to get the whole community working hard to solve them.
– Technology is poised and ready for the collection and analysis of behavioural data at scale and for seeking fresh insights into the complex issues which affect our future.
– Most importantly, Exeter’s great institutions and businesses give us an astonishing concentration of scientific, analytical and strategic expertise. That means we have the brainpower to harness the technology effectively and the credibility to attract big outside investment. It isalready convincing some of the world’s most innovative companies, that Exeter is the one place where investment in enlightened, ground-breaking technology can really pay off.
Something like this can only work if we build in the views and ideas of the people who live and work in Exeter. It’s time to put our heads together and turn that potent set of opportunities into a dynamic blueprint, first for our City, then the world.
This exciting new ambition is being driven by Exeter City Futures – a new public interest company set up by the City Council and Oxygen House.
Exeter City Futures.
Exeter can change the world.

Exeter City Futures | Our City. Our Say.

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