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Cycling: Sustrans to embark on new study for Sidmouth to Feniton shared path

Cycling across the county is being beefed up.

Two years ago, the line into Dawlish was making headway:
Dawlish businesses to benefit as cycle trail extends into town | News centre

It's now doing very well as part of the Exe Trail:
Dawlish to Exeter - Execycle - Exe Trail - Cycling in Devon
Exe Estuary Cycle Trail NCN2 - Dawlish Warren

In other words, it takes time to put together and to make happen.

This is all about 'infrastructure':
Sustainable urban infrastructure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

At the Town Council meeting on Monday, Councillors considered the District Council's proposals for infrastructure - which projects to support and which needed the finance to make them happen:
Futures Forum: Community Infrastructure Levy projects for housing and economic growth to be considered at Town Council: Monday 9th January
Town Council Meetings - Sidmouth Town Council

And one area in particular which was discussed at length was infrastructure provided by cycle paths.

A report ensued on the Streetlife website:

£12m infrastructure plan for Sidmouth

any idea why the Knowle is on this list? I don't get it, or why school stuff is 'infrastructure'? I thought that was roads and trains and stuff?
Peter S  

Infrastructure refers to structures, systems, and facilities serving the economy of a business, industry, country, city, town, or area, including the services and facilities necessary for its economy to function.
ok.....but how does that relate to redevelopment of an office block (economy!) into retirement homes, or school improvements, or a gym?? since when is a gym infrastructure?
Peter S  

I would have thought a gym would come under sports facilities like swimming, sports halls, tennis courts etc.
It could but as it's only available for non residents to use for a short time I doubt it would be counted.
Mary W-T 
As they say this money is available ....  no .....  hang on .... we meant it should be available but there is an almost total shortfall .... I'm not getting too excited.

If it was available it would be almost the exact amount we need for the 'infrastructure' just off the beach to stop the town disappearing into the sea :-)
ah! protecting the town from coastal flooding - that sounds like proper infrastructure to me. why is that not on this list?
Peter M  
If you compare what is in the local plan with the Infrastructure Development Plan which The Herald reported, you will find - and lets be kind here - inconsistencies. For example, the Herald reported, accurately on the inaccurate IDP Plan which listed on Page 51 "Sidmouth to Feniton Cycle Route" This is not only not in the Local Plan but has never even been considered that it ought to be included so as far as I know.

What is encouraging though is that it is included, along with other things, as a 'wish list' if not a plan! There was a significant study conducted by Sustrans published in 2014 "Feniton to Sidmouth (Otter Valley) Trail" and Sustrans are starting a new study in January  in association with the Otter Trail Group and various organisations with an interest in cycling in Sidmouth. The study will consider:

Sid Valley Area

The study will look at the potential for increasing the number of cycle trips in Sid Valley through the enhancement of existing facilities for cycling, and identifying potential new facilities. This will be researched through a desk top study of the key attractors in the Sid Valley, (schools, employment sites etc.), census and other available data, and seeking corridors to focus on to meet the potential demand for movement by cycling and walking.

Options for improving and creating a limited range of corridor routes will then be examined on the ground, focussing we anticipate on no more than three key corridors.

East Devon AONB

A desk top survey of the AONB will be undertaken to establish the location of existing signed cycle routes, and we will research other initiatives for developing new routes, e.g. The Otter Trail and the Stop Line Way.

We will audit the existing National Cycle Network route between Budleigh Salterton and Seaton, through the AONB and recommend enhancements if necessary.

We will make recommendations for linkages between the Sid Valley provision and the proposed and existing long distance routes.

We will recommend new and enhanced routes and facilities, but the scope of the project does not extend to public or other consultation, nor contacting private or other land interests which could be affected. We will however consult the Highway Authority, Devon County Council and East Devon DC with reference to the local plan. We will engage with the community by making contact with local interest groups and making connections through our local Sustrans volunteers and the SG members

We will seek to align our recommendations with public policy and the AONB management plan.

The Study will be funded by the Sustainable Development Fund managed by East Devon AONB, with matched funding of 25% from the Locality Fund, and will be completed in March 2017.
Mary W-T 
I think that the bit from a sort of heading saying 'Sid Valley Area' onwards is possibly a quote from somewhere. Perhaps Sustrans?

If so then 'we' would mean Sustrans.

Streetlife | £12m infrastructure plan for Sidmouth

The Sidmouth-Feniton route has also been long in the making:
Futures Forum: Devon Cycling Strategy: agreed... but 'it will need to be more targeted and selective about which projects it invests in'
Futures Forum: Cycling: comments needed on Sidmouth-Feniton path
Futures Forum: Cycling: Sustrans publishes Sidmouth to Feniton study: further press reports

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