Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sidford to Sidbury cycle and foot path > further link to complete first phase

The Neighbourhood Plan is very interested in safe cycling and walking paths in the Valley:
Futures Forum: Cycling in the Sid Valley >>> focus group survey results: better cycling provision would benefit everyone in the valley

One such route would be from Sidford to Sidbury:
Futures Forum: Re-looking at the Sidford to Sidbury cycle path

And it is making further headway:

New shared path will create safe off-road route between Sidford and the Byes

14:35 17 January 2017

Improvements to Laundry Lane will create safe off-road link to the Byes (pictured). Ref shs 16-16SH 1400. Picture: Simon Horn

Improvement work will form part of £35,000 cyclepath to link Sidbury and Sidmouth

Pedestrians and cyclists stand to benefit from a new shared path that will form part of the £35,000 off-road route between Sidbury and Sidmouth.
Work to improve and widen the existing Laundry Lane footpath in Sidford is due to start on Monday, January 30, with the aim of creating safer access to the Byes.
Dropped kerbs will also be installed to create an informal crossing across Two Bridges Road.
Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s highways boss, said: “Following the installation of the tiger crossing in Sidford, the improvements to Laundry Lane will see the completion of the first phase of the development of an attractive walking and cycling link between Sidbury and Sidmouth.
“This will create a safer route for pupils travelling to the college and should encourage people to leave their cars at home for short journeys, which will provide health benefits and improve air quality.”
Cllr Hughes, who is also a ward member for Sidmouth and Sidford, has provided £3,500 from his share of the Investing in Devon fund toward the scheme.
The work in Laundry Lane will be carried out by contractor SWH Ltd.

New shared path will create safe off-road route between Sidford and the Byes - News - Sidmouth Herald


Clyde said...

I rode this recently through the riverside park in Sidmouth to (eventually) where it hit the A375, where the signage suddenly ceased! Where will it go from there - do you know? - and how will it get to Beer and Seaton, and further eastwards? Or isn't it going that way at all in the future? Cheers. Clyde

Jeremy Woodward said...

Thanks, Clyde,
Very much appreciate your comment.
Things are very slow, I'm afraid, but are nevertheless moving.
The plan is to take two routes out of Sidmouth - the first to Sidbury, which is the one posted on this blog entry from January. It has only progressed to a cycle/footpath at the back of Sidford which then hits the main Sidford-Sidbury-Honiton Road. There are still ongoing discussions with landowners over the route...
The second cycle path will go out of Sidmouth to the north west and on to Ottery and Feniton (where there's a railway line).
There's a local initiative - with one in Sidmouth just started up last year joining with another more established project in Ottery St Mary.
This describes a bit from the summer: http://futuresforumvgs.blogspot.de/2017/07/sid-valley-links-otter-trail-group_31.html
As for connecting Sidmouth to Branscombe/Beer/Seaton, we only have the very difficult National Cycle Network route 2: https://www.sustrans.org.uk/ncn/map/route/route-2
It's really only campaigning and pushing that we're going to get anywhere - as in what is at last happening to congested Exeter: http://futuresforumvgs.blogspot.de/2018/01/improving-exeters-air-quality-and.html
All of this doesn't really help you - but do watch this space - as the local Neighbourhood Plan is pressing for better cycling access.
Thanks again,

Unknown said...

I live in sidmouth but work in sidbury. I would love to cycle to work but the road is too dangerous so end up driving. Bad for the environment and health. I really hope this happens soon so we can all benefit from it.