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Plans for Port Royal: petition to create a community hub

What's going to happen to the Drill Hall?
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And what's going to happen to Sidmouth's youth?
Futures Forum: Maintaining a balanced community in Sidmouth >>> >>> "The town is not well supplied with facilities for younger people and the closure of the only nightclub is a loss."

Here's a new petition out on Change.org:

Create a community hub for the entire community on Sidmouth seafront. 

(Drill Hall)

With the recent closure of Carina’s Nite Club, Sidmouth is in need of a replacement venue for people to gather and enjoy a night out without leaving the relative safety of Sidmouth. Sidmouth’s old Drill Hall is an obvious candidate, but obviously a club using all 3 floors of such a place would not be necessary. 
The Drill Hall is in an ideal position to become a central gathering place for all ages in Sidmouth with 3 floors and ample space inside and out. As well as the redevelopment of the surrounding Port Royal over the coming years it would be an ideal opportunity which would be crazy for the people of Sidmouth to pass up.
As there are 3 floors in the building including a basement, there would be enough space for a bar/restaurant on the ground level floor, In the basement I see potential for a nightclub/venue for all generations including Sidmouth’s youngsters to gather in safety as opposed to traveling to Exmouth/Exeter with no way home. Additionally it could serve as a daytime venue for events and groups in the local community. The top floor would be ideal for storage/children's recreation area/an extention to the bar/restaurant.
The Drill Hall is also in an area with minimal residency.
I feel there is an opportunity here for businesses to create a complete Hub for Sidmouth sea front, which will be attractive for the entirety of Sidmouth’s population while becoming a solution for the disuse of the historic building. 
Some of the photo’s used for this petition came from http://drillhall.historic-sidmouth.uk 
Here you can view the history of the building and more photo’s of the generally well kept interior. 
On a separate note, I should add that this cannot happen without support and financial input from local people, businesses and investors with Sidmouth’s growth and progression in mind. 
Please check Updates of this page for further information.

Petition · Create a real Hub for the entire community on Sidmouth seafront. · Change.org

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