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The Exeter Gateway intermodal logistics site ............. "Sainsbury's confirms it will not progress with huge distribution centre near Exeter."

There are problems afoot in the eastern end of the District:

Sainsbury's has pulled out of its giant warehousing project:
Futures Forum: The Exeter Gateway intermodal logistics site ... Sainsbury's "has finally killed the plan to build one of the largest logistics plots available in the South West"

In terms of 'sustainable development', the 'growth point' doesn't seem to score very high:
Futures Forum: Skypark and the M5: "likely to become the most carbon intensive location in the area."

And a comment at this posting last month is very sceptical about the viability of the project:

Easy words to say, but less easy to achieve.

1. Cranbrook is a bunch of houses now owned by people who don't know each other and have no common hobbies, social events etc. To bring people together needs more vision than has previously been evident - and possibly too late now to bolt on a new vision. What was needed was to get sufficient s106 funds from developers to create a variety of social venues that people could start to use in order to bring the residents together to make a community.

As EDDC has identified, what is needed now is a sense of purpose to bring people together, and there is nothing better than a fight for something important to do that. Fortunately, EDDC might well be providing that impetus as there is a growing frustration at the way EDDC operates that people are starting to coalesce around.

2. Am I alone in feeling that there is a hidden agenda in the Cranbrook "vision" that a local council office which can provide people with information is the solution? Oh - what a surprise!!! EDDC are already planning a VERY expensive, possibly unnecessary and probably very expensive move to the Skypark which is on Cranbrook's doorstep.
Futures Forum: District Council leader: “Sidmouth has a vibrant town centre and its community keeps a degree of excellence in maintaining it. Cranbrook should be striving to match that level of vibrancy for it to achieve all the aspirations that we have for it.”

Meanwhile, in the last couple of days, there has been further on-line comment:


10 August 2014

Anyone who wants a lesson in the triumph of hype over reality should see this “fly over the Exeter and East Devon Growth Point” video here:
and note:
how many times the commentary includes the word “sustainable”
how many times the benefits of the area mention Exeter rather than East Devon.
Oh, and someone needs to edit out the section on the ” inter modal freight terminal” as that has just been ditched by Sainsbury’s.
And maybe tone down the bit about how improvements to junctions 29 and 30 of the M5 will “improve traffic flow”!

The “Exeter and East Devon Growth Point” | East Devon Alliance

With the media adding more comment:
Sainsbury's abandons Exeter DC proposals | Motor Transport
Supermarket scraps major logistics project
East Devon District Council Leader pragmatic at Sainsbury’s depot news (From Mid Devon Star)
Sainsbury's confirms it will not progress with huge distribution centre near Exeter | Exeter Express and Echo
Sainsbury's pull plug on Devon depot plan | Western Morning News

There has been only one new client at Skypark of late - and to what extent the developers are talking up the site is difficult to say:
New ambulance centre ready at Exeter's £210m Skypark | Western Morning News
'Strong interest' in Skypark after completion of new Ambulance Special Operations Centre | Exeter Express and Echo
Skypark: modern architectural gem? Er …. | East Devon Alliance
Skypark: oh dear, poor EDDC workers ….. get those earplugs and sunglasses ready! | East Devon Alliance

See also:
Futures Forum: Crony capitalism and lemon socialism in East Devon... The costs of "substantial growth and expanding business"

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