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Dealing with traffic in Sidmouth: Town Council requests County Council "that a review and Traffic Management Plan for Sidmouth be commenced as soon as possible."

Air pollution is a real issue developing in the UK:
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It is also an issue for  Devon:
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And for East Devon:
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And for Sidmouth:
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Development plans for Sidmouth would not decrease the amount of traffic:
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It is a question of the 'wrong type of development':
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And the 'right sort of development':
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Dealing with traffic is as the heart of dealing with pollution.

Unfortunately, because the issues around 'traffic' are varied and complex, it means they are also intractable - with no easy solutions to the satisfaction of all.

Five years ago, in July 2012, damage was done to the Unitarian church at the top of Sidmouth's High Street - resulting in appeals for the County Council to erect protective bollards along the pavement, as is done in many other towns with old narrow streets. Instead , it was suggested at the time that loading restrictions could be moved back to 8 am "as an interim measure." 

Four years ago, in October 2013, further damage happened at the same spot:
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The District Council has promised to consider all the options with a 'Traffic Management Plan':
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This has been on the cards for some time:

At the last Town Council meeting, it was resolved to follow up the issue:

"The Town Clerk would contact Chris Rooke DCC Highways Officer to request that a review and Traffic Management Plan for Sidmouth be commenced as soon as possible."

Minutes of the Meeting of Sidmouth Town Council - 14 August 2017

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