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The Sid Valley Business Awards 2018 > 'a chance to celebrate the diversity of Sid Valley businesses'

The 2018 Sid Valley Business Awards are under way:
Futures Forum: The Sid Valley Business Awards 2018

With the Herald showcasing the variety of businesses in the Valley:

‘Awards a chance to celebrate diversity of Sid Valley businesses’

PUBLISHED: 07:00 18 September 2017

The Sid Valley Business Awards 2018 is a chance for your business to claim a spot in the limelight

Andy Downham from Potbury's Funeral Service
Each week, two sponsors will be setting out why they chose to support the awards, and the difference they can make.
Andy Downham is the organiser of the awards and his firm, Potbury’s Funeral Service, is sponsoring the retail category for store or company with five or more employees.
He said: “Potbury’s Funeral Service won the award for Professional Service of the Year in 2015.
“The award helped draw attention to good work of a team of people who strive to serve the bereaved at one of the most stressful times of their lives and make sure the whole funeral process is performed correctly and appropriately for each occasion yet do so with total discretion.
“So it was particularly satisfying to the team to get that pat on the back from the local community.
“This year, Potbury’s Funeral Service are sponsors of the retail category for store or companies with five or more employees. Drawing the line at five employees means that there are actually a good number of shops that will fit into this category.
“When you walk up the High Street it is easy to take a lot of the larger shops for granted, but they are the bread and butter of shopping in Sidmouth. I would like to see lots of these companies enter.
“They are all staffed by Sidmouth people who deserve a spot of the limelight like everybody else. So many of these folk go to work day in, day out, all year round without complaint and mostly unnoticed – that’s worth celebrating and what the business awards are all about.”

Paddy Lee of Potbury's Sidmouth

Potburys of Sidmouth is sponsoring the ‘company with fewer than five employees’ category.
Managing director Michael Lee said: “As an independent business with a long-standing history and reputation in the Sid Valley, we chose to sponsor the Sid Valley Business Awards to help champion other local businesses.
“We recognise the importance of each of our neighbouring businesses and what they bring to our local economy and community in providing jobs, wealth, and opportunity.
“The Sid Valley Business Awards are a great opportunity for us all to acknowledge and reward local businesses for their efforts. Unlike many British towns, we are fortunate in Sidmouth to have a thriving high street and shopping centre.
“Our town’s success is due in part to the broad mix of small and mainly independent retailers that help make up our town centre. As retailers ourselves, we appreciate the diversity of shops in Sidmouth and the value they create. We specifically chose to sponsor the Retail Shop category to put these businesses in the limelight.
“We strongly encourage all Sid Valley businesses to choose their relevant category and enter the awards and wish every one of them well.”
To enter your business, collect an application form from Paragon Books, Potbury’s Funeral Service or Sidmouth Print in Sidmouth or The Rising Sun in Sidford.
A panel of judges will decide the winner in each of the nine categories and an overall winner from all 27 finalists – decided by a public poll – will be named ‘Sid Valley Business of the Year’.
The deadline for entries is Friday, October 20.
The three finalists in each of the nine categories will be announced in the Herald on Friday, November 17, and be allocated two tickets apiece to the awards ceremony at the Victoria Hotel on Saturday, January 6.
Further information is on the chamber website www.sidmouthchamber.co.uk and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SVBA2018/. If you have any questions, email svba@sidmouthchamber.co.uk 

‘Awards a chance to celebrate diversity of Sid Valley businesses’ - Latest Sidmouth and Ottery News - Sidmouth Herald

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