Monday, 26 August 2013

Cycling: latest press release from Otter Trail

This has been put together for next month's issue of the Ottery Gazette:

Why do more bikes belong to staff than pupils in the bike rack at The King's School?

In a recent meeting I had to explain to Devon County Council that the roads to our school are too dangerous for students to cycle to school safely.

We live in a beautiful rural community where we should be promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing obesity levels and being active model citizens but at present the cars reign supreme on our roads.

The benefits of cycling is finally being targeted by the Government and funding is now available for providing sustainable travel options and we as a community want a slice of that financial pie!

A cycle path from Feniton to Ottery would entice visitors from the main train line to our area and be a vital boost for tourism. I can already see Phyllis (our trusted Tourist information officer) handing out the route maps. Our multi-use path could then continue onto Tipton and be enjoyed by all the different generations within our community but we have to prove this is what our area wants.

Our online petition has over 500 signatures which is an excellent start and if we all, like the Primary and Secondary Headteachers, want safe routes to schools and safe effective multi-use paths in our area, we need many more people to visit our website and record their voice. The final route has not been decided upon and a feasibility study needs to be carried out to establish the most agreeable route possible.   Our group meets regularly to actively campaign alongside our Sidmouth counterparts to gather support and liaise with other significant parties as otherwise the funding available will go elsewhere in the UK.

To celebrate the opening of the Tour of Britain and to raise awareness of our campaign, we are organizing a Family Fun Cycle ride on 21st September. The ride will begin in Ottery at 11am in the land of Canaan car park and continue onto Escot Estate where we can enjoy a picnic lunch.  We will be supported on the day by cycling experts and cycling trainers so the ride is suitable for all members of the family.

We are so privileged to live in an area with an active community that is committed to developing our town.  A cycle path would hugely benefit our area bringing improved health, tourism and our general quality of life.  

Please visit www.ottertrail.org , sign our petition and spread the word. 

Many thanks, Jo Elliott – Chair of the Otter Trail cycle committee.

And here's the photo that will accompany the article:

King’s School students, along with the Sidmouth group, meet representatives from Devon County Council to discuss details of the campaign..

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