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Upcycling: 'Kevin's Supersized Salvage'

There are plenty of places locally to go 'upcycling':
Futures Forum: Freecycle in Honiton

But you could try a hanger in Durham:

Kevin's Supersized Salvage: Kevin McCloud upcycles an Airbus A320 

into egg cups and desk lamps

See what surprising household objects can be made out of a junked plane

Kevin McCloud has taken a break from judging amazing homes to instead find new ways to reuse junk in Kevin's Supersize Salvage.
In this one-off Channel 4 programme, the Grand Designs presenter is given a scrapped Airbus A320 and a challenge to make it disappear by 'up-cycling' the contents that would otherwise be scrapped.           
While essential things like the engines are reused in other planes, mountains of fibreglass and plastic are destined for landfill, but this show will demonstrate how it can all be used.
There's everything from a desk lamp made from a chair leg, a rabbit hutch made from an overhead locker and even ten egg cups created from hinges and bits of the wing.
And you won't believe what one of the designers does with a big chunk of the fuselage, for all that and more check out the gallery above.
Kevin's Supersized Salvage is on tonight 24 April at 9pm on Channel 4

Kevin's Supersized Salvage: Kevin McCloud upcycles an Airbus A320 into egg cups and desk lamps - Mirror Online
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Kevin's Supersized Salvage on Channel 4 yesterday was totally inspiring for anyone interested in making things from 'waste' materials. A whole aeroplane repurposed into useful products including a garden office, rickshaws, coat hooks, lampshades. Also lots of interesting stuff about finding niche markets for these types of products. Fascinating too to see the evolution of the products from raw concept to final products selling for high prices in upmarket shops. Would have been nice to see more 'affordable' products but one of the aims of the project was to make more money than the aeroplane would have made if the metals were salvaged and the rest sent to landfill so aiming for the high end of the market was their best (and probably only realistic) option.....

Crafty Green Poet: Supersized Salvage!
Kevin's supersized Salvage - C4 9pm - PistonHeads

The Designers

Combing passion, design knowledge and practical making skills, each of our three designers have one thing in common – they live to redesign, repurpose and remake.
The Designers
The Designers

Paul Firbank – Salvage Designer

Based in the East End of London, Paul sorts and sifts through London’s scrap yards, railway arch grease shops and thrift markets looking for the remains of outmoded modern metal parts and vintage engineered machinery.
‘Paul Firbank, the Rag and Bone Man, is the unchallenged King of the Scraphill, Ruler of Recycling and a gifted craftsman in metal’ - Kevin McCloud.
Paul restores, welds, turns, strips, brushes, polishes and varnishes, transforming these discarded scraps into bespoke pieces of contemporary lighting and furniture. Paul and his partner Lizzie set up the theragandboneman.co.uk in 2011.

Max McMurdo – Upcycling Entrepreneur

Max takes everyday waste objects and upcycles them into beautiful yet functional pieces of furniture and accessories. He has made an array of products, from bath chairs for the Body Shop, to an aeroplane wing desk for Theo Paphitis.
‘If we are to change consumer attitudes towards recycling and re-use, we really must provide desirable eco-friendly alternatives.’
In 2003, Max set up reestore.com, a company dedicated to designing a range of desirable furniture salvaged from waste destined for the landfill; and spreading the ethos of upcycling remains Max’s number one goal.

Harry Dwyer – Designer, video maker, electronics engineer

Harry is the wildcard among our three designers (harrydwyer.com). He grew up on a farm tinkering with machines and building whatever he could imagine. His creations are often driven by a desire to make something fun and unusal, the bigger, wilder and more original, the better.
Harry has created bespoke vehicle restorations and custom interiors for various private and public commissions including pimped up vans for ‘bands in transit’ a Ford motor company project. He also turned an Austin 500 van into a two horsepower motorboat that he sailed down the Sharpness canal.
Harry is a semi-professional maker and whilst he takes on commercial projects he also runs a small electronics company (aircraftworkshop.co.uk), and recently collaborated with the artist Antony Gormley.
Kevin's Supersized Salvage - Articles - The Designers - Channel 4
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Unknown said...

Great show. Would love to see a regular upcycle challenge show with suggestions taken from the public for products.

DarmVR said...

Hi everyone,

I’m doing an internship at a company that makes custom vinyl print for upcycling projects. They’ve done some really fun stuff with fridges in particular. Plus they do it for just about anyone ! Just thought I’d share the link :