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Building Hinkley >>> the response from the South-West

The government had held back on its decision to allow the building of a new nuclear power station on the north Somerset coast:
Futures Forum: Brexit: and Hinkley
Futures Forum: The issues of ownership and energy security @ Hinkley C >>> but 'business in the South West face the bitter disappointment of further delays'
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The usual doubts have been expressed:

The problem with Hinkley is that it’s a ghastly deal for taxpayers.
Let's ditch Hinkley Point and HS2 to get more bang for our bucks - Telegraph

Fresh warnings have been triggered over the cost, security, and deliverability of Britain’s first new nuclear reactors for decades following yesterday’s green light for the £18bn build at Hinkley Point in Somerset.
MPs and analysts issue fresh nuclear warnings over Hinkley Point project - Business Matters - the UK's leading SME business magazine

How big could an energy store be if it was built from existing technology right now.
Replace Hinkley Point with a battery?

Paul Marty of Moody's said the "scale and complexity" were likely to add significant business and financial risks to EDF's balance sheet.
Hinkley Point: a huge nuclear gamble for France | News | Expatica France

No review of the Hinkley Point nuclear project of the sort Theresa May’s new government is attempting would be complete without an assessment of its generous economics — and particularly its projected profitability. Assuming the plant can be built — admittedly not a small “if” given the troubled status of two similar projects its sponsor, EDF, has in Europe — the terms of the deal pretty much ensure a juicy payback. They ensure the French utility will receive more than double the present UK wholesale power price, indexed and guaranteed for 35 years.
Hinkley is the peak of subsidy culture — FT.com

However, the local press in the West Country is very positive indeed:
Nuclear power station Hinkley Point C to be built 40 miles from Exeter - in depth reaction | Exeter Express and Echo
Plymouth firms can grab slice of £18bn Hinkley Point C bonanza | Plymouth Herald
Jobs boost in nuclear industry in sector with 'growing role' (From Mid Devon Star)
Hinkley Point C: "once in a lifetime" opportunity say Somerset politicians | Somerset Live
Dorset economy could be boosted by building of new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station (From Dorset Echo)
Hinkley Point go-ahead brings Mandarin to Bristol hotel – Conference News

Hinkley: South West reacts

Hinkley Point C has been given the go ahead Photo: PA Images

The Government has given the final go ahead for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, following a "new agreement" with EDF. The decision has faced numerous delays and has divided opinion since the proposal was tabled.

A new deal has now been approved by the government and so far the reaction on Twitter from the region's MPs has been largely positive but not everyone living in the South West agrees.

MP for Yeovil Marcus Fysh says it's good news for Somerset:

Hinkley Point approved, with new security safeguards planned for strategic industries. Good news for #Somerset https://t.co/bQ7jWaiHH2

East Devon's Hugo Swire MP believes it's the right decision:

A good decision for the #SouthWest. https://t.co/nod7hJhqC0

MP for Gloucester Richard Graham says it's valuable investment:

Hinckley Point C should go ahead. No operational Chinese involvement but valuable invtmt for us & regulatory/shareholder experience for them

Bath MP Ben Howlett is pleased with the decision:

Very welcome news to the South West & UK economy. Hinkley Point: UK approves nuclear plant deal https://t.co/SOfPcyD59O

Torbay's Kevin Foster shared the following:

Great news! Hinkley Point C given final approval https://t.co/01AEUgbp6A#inwardinvestment @investheartsw #fdi @heartofswlep

Not everyone is happy with the decision:

Disastrously stupid & expensive decision. It will over run, cost way more than even the worst estimate & if it ever does produce electricity it will have been overtaken by newer greener technology. I suggest it uses an enormous white elephant as a logo.

This is such bad news, renewables is the way to go , nuclear waste is poluting the planet.

Wait for fusion power, it's likely to be available by the time this monstrosity is finish.

Hinkley: South West reacts | West Country - ITV News

However, the view from the East Devon Watch blog is less ecstatic:
“Hinkley: where Tories’ private bank balances are going nuclear” | East Devon Watch
Hello, Hinkley C, goodbye green energy (and the NHS) | East Devon Watch

And there are other voices in the South-West raising deep concerns about the deal:

Hinkley C splits opinions: Economically illiterate or a kickstart for the post-Brexit economy?

By OliverHulme | Posted: September 15, 2016

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato has been hugely critical of the decision to go ahead with theHinkley Point C nuclear power station, describing it as "Kowtowing to the Chinese" and being "economically illiterate".

Currently in Strasbourg, she said on Twitter: "This is economic illiteracy of the highest order. Theresa May has completely blown the opportunity offered by the review of this hugely costly white elephant to trigger a renewable energy revolution.

"One which could provide cheaper and greener electricity, provide greater energy security and generate thousands more jobs than nuclear power. It seems that culture of rejecting experts is spreading."

So far she has been a lone South West voice speaking out against the project.

Hinkley C splits opinions: Economically illiterate or a kickstart for the post-Brexit economy? | Somerset Live

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