Tuesday 29 August 2017

Knowle relocation project: "Shocked to discover the size of the development - looks like a village."

It is now almost a decade since some sections of the political leadership at the District Council declared that they wanted to leave Sidmouth:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project 2008: “We’ll be seriously looking at the future of us staying in this building for numerous reasons.” OR: "Given current market values and the likely cost of relocation, it would be a close run thing as to whether a move was viable.”

The latest episode will end in an appeal hearing in November - with the last comments allowed next week:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: PegasusLife appeal >>> >>> "With their precious three-site move project depending so much on this, what fight will the District Council put up to the Inspector on our behalf?"

The Inspector will be interested in the case for and against the application - with a look at other appeals where affordable housing has been a key issue:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: developers lose appeal for 'retirement development' in Sidford >>> Reason: "lack of affordable housing is a critical issue in East Devon"

Another issue is the visual impact of the proposed development:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: visual impact of the proposed development

Here is the latest rather shocking photomontage from the Knowle Residents' Association, with comment below:

Enclosed a new photomontage, opposite side and higher than the last one; (original photo taken near the seat on Salcombe Hill). 

Shocked to discover the size of the development - looks like a village. 

The heights are extremely close approximations. Also the buildings are angled slightly too square as I had to take them from the Section Elevations which are at 90 degrees; the photograph is at about 75 degrees. But the overall massing is accurate (perhaps slightly on the small side). A tiny section of tree cover has been lowered slightly before the far right building (C and D) - but the roofs would still be visible. This is done deliberately as the tree cover is also in question - see pages 46 and 47 of the Design and Access statement.

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