Saturday, 25 May 2013

Sid Vale Energy Action Group

SVEAG, the energy action group of the VGS, has been active for some time:
Sidmouth Carnival welcomes renewable energy section
Friday, August 29, 2008

The Sid Valley Energy Action Group are hoping to make the town's carnival a greener event next month and have invited townsfolk to join in their efforts.
Festivities on September 6 will include a renewable energy section from The Sid Valley Energy Action Group (SVEAG), which is part of the Vision Group for Sidmouth.
The procession will feature cycle driven trailers, with wind turbines and solar panels on show as well as five electrically powered Segway devices. 
SVEAG organisers are hopeful that a fuel efficient Toyota Prius will also take part.
The SVEAG aims to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and reductions in dependence on fossil fuels as well as raise awareness of energy issues which lead to climate change.
SVEAG carnival co-ordinator Derek Chant said: "Traditionally the carnival is based on lots of diesel engines and lights, we are trying to show there are alternatives, all we hope to do is promote renewable energy and energy saving. "
Entrants are invited to make fun, portable devices which generate light and/ or sound and operate from green or sustainable energy.

It meets once a month, focusing on a particular topic, for example:

Leftovers renewable energy idea is food for thought!
Stefan Gordon January 31, 2013 
TURNING leftovers into renewable energy provided food for thought for a green-minded gathering in Sidmouth.
Sid Valley Energy Action Group (SVEAG) kicked off what is set to be a busy 2013 when its first meeting of the year at the Anchor Inn welcomed Will Kirkman, of React on Anaerobic Digestion. “With the potential to hugely reduce food waste transport distances and produce local energy, the possibility of installing a small anaerobic digestion system locally was discussed,” said the SVEAG’s Joel Venn.
Representatives from the district and county councils also attended.
Joel added: “This is one of the many projects under discussion at the moment and it was good to see a number of new members attending, all with a common goal of exploring energy conservation and developing renewable energy sources in the Sid Valley.”
The meeting took place on Tuesday, January 8.

 SVEAG hands out prizes on a regular basis too:

There’s been a competitive edge to Science lessons for students in Key Stage 3 over the last few days. As part of Sidmouth’s Science Festival, the Sid Valley Energy Action Group (SVEAG) gave all Key Stage 3 students the opportunity to take part in a competition to deliver the best renewable energy project.
Working in teams of no more than three, the students were asked to research their ideas and then produce a display that showed their knowledge of renewable energy. Representatives from SVEAG then visited the College on Wednesday this week to judge the winners of each year group and the overall winning team.
From using lemons to generate electricity to creating a working meccano and lego wind turbine, the students were really enthused by the project and produced some excellent work. Chair of SVEAG Derek Chant, who helped judge the competition, commented, “We’ve been very impressed with the overall scope and standard of the students’ work. Their breadth of thought, effort and sheer enthusiasm have been tremendous.”
Each winning team was awarded £20 worth of vouchers and the overall winners will have their names inscribed on the SVEAG Sustainability Shield. Science teacher Miss Hazel Goodier congratulated all the students and passed on her enormous thanks to SVEAG for making this event possible.

SVEAG meets next on Tuesday 11th June at the Anchor Inn.

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