Friday, 23 January 2015

Climate Week in Sidmouth .................................................. The New Economics Foundation and systems change >>> "Coastal Communities and their Local Economies" >>> Saturday 7th March at 4.30pm

The New Economic Foundation will be travelling from London to Sidmouth for Climate Week:
Futures Forum: Climate Week in Sidmouth: 2nd - 8th March ... initial programme announced

They will be looking at how the local environment and the local economy are linked 
- and especially how this effects coastal communities - and what we can do about it.

New Economics Foundation (NEF):

Place-based systems change: Coastal Communities and their Local Economies

This presentation and discussion session will present key elements of the New Economics Foundation's latest thinking on tackling the linked challenges of resource use, climate crisis, inequality, and our unequal access to income, time and power. 

It will focus on what systems change looks like from a local, place-based perspective; and  the particular nature of this place-based transformation, and the unique relationship between the environment and the local economy, in coastal communities in the UK.

Rachel Laurence (Local Economies Coordinator) and Fernanda Balata (Project Lead, Coastal and Marine Environment) will present and facilitate discussion to explore how NEF’s thinking can translate into practical local action.

New Economics Foundation

Rachel Laurence

Local Economies Coordinator, The Great Transition
+44 (0)20 7820 6397

Rachel joined NEF’s Great Transition team in April 2014 to develop and coordinate a new research and network building project on local economies, which works to connect elements of NEF’s work across the organisation that can support a movement towards systemic economic change at local and regional level. The programme seeks to research existing and emerging good practice; articulate what strategies are necessary to unlock local potential; and establish a policy and practitioners’ network through partnerships with key local and regional organisations.

About nef: Rachel Laurence | New Economics Foundation
About nef: Teams | New Economics Foundation

Fernanda Balata

Project Lead, Coastal and Marine Environment
+44 (0)20 7820 6389
Fernanda Balata is currently working on a project that aims to reconcile the creation of employment opportunities for coastal communities with the improvement of coastal and marine ecosystems. 
In 2013, she coordinated the innovative Paint a Fish campaign, a public facing initiative that reinforced civil society’s call to restore EU fish stocks for future generations during the final stages of the reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy. The project added value to the efforts of partner organisations to influence the outcome of the policy by educating and engaging the younger generations.
About nef: Fernanda Balata | New Economics Foundation
Out of fish for the year – it’s EU fish dependence day | New Economics Foundation

This should be a very engaging event - which the Vision Group/Science Festival will be co-hosting with the Norman Lockyer Observatory.

It kicks off on Saturday 7th March at 4.30pm with tea provided and will continue with presentations, interactive discussion, space for networking and feedback - to finish by 6.30pm.

The event is free and open to all.

Parking is available at the Observatory, just up the hill from Sidmouth:
Norman Lockyer Observatory - FINDING US
Norman Lockyer Observatory - Google Maps

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