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Save Clyst St Mary: next meeting Thursday 5th February

The 'Save Clyst St Mary' campaign continues to gather momentum:
Save Clyst St Mary | Campaign Against Inappropriate Development

Campaigners met last week:
Futures Forum: Save Clyst St Mary: further meeting Tuesday 20th January

Clyst St Mary villagers oppose expansion plan

By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: January 22, 2015

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HUNDREDS of residents packed into a meeting in Clyst St Mary to discuss plans for a proposed big expansion of the village. The residents came together to show their determination to fight plans for hundreds of new homes.

More than 200 people attended the meeting at the village hall to meet with planning consultant Charlie Hopkins. He has been hired to help them fight plans for what many see as over-development.

In particular the plans causing concern are:

> Around 300 new homes at Winslade Park.

> Ninety three homes on land to the north of A3052 near the Cat and Fiddle.

> A solar panel array on fields near the village.

Gaeron Kayley, one of the organisers of the Save Clyst St Mary campaign, said: “Mr Hopkins, who the parish council voted to employ, answered many of the technical questions that were brought up. Several of the residents stood up and spoke – the way in which the village is under attack is a very sore subject with a lot of people.”

Michael Norman, chairman of the parish council, said that the meeting unanimously voted against the developments proposed for Winslade Park and Cats’ Copse near to the Cat and Fiddle.

There was a small number who did not object to the solar panel array, but these were outvoted.

Following the meeting for the general public the parish council voted unanimously against all three applications.

The objections are to be sent to East Devon District Council on Friday.

A further meeting has been arranged for Thursday, February 5. Again the meeting will be held in the Village Hall, beginning at 7.30pm.

Mr Kayley added: “Any members of the public can make donations towards Charlie Hopkins’ fees at the Clyst St Mary Post Office or through our website www.saveclyststmary.org.uk  “We have already exceeded the Parish Plan for growth. If all the planned development were to happen we would grow by 120 per cent. We have one shop, one pub and a post office.”


greasyian | January 22 2015, 11:20PM
Like I said before build build build !

whinger62 | January 22 2015, 10:15PM
80% of the villagers do not originate from the area.


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Clyst St Mary villagers oppose expansion plan | Exeter Express and Echo


21st January 2015

It appeared that the entire population of the village of Clyst St Mary had turned out to listen and voice their objections at another Extraordinary Meeting that had been called by the Bishops Clyst Parish Council on Tuesday night, 20th January 2015, to discuss the inappropriate number of planning applications that have recently been submitted to East Devon District Council for development in their village (including 304 residential units plus employment use at Winslade Park by Friends Provident, 93 dwellings on land near the Cat and Fiddle by Turnstone Group, a solar farm in Oil Mill Lane by Solstice Renewables and 40 houses on land off Clyst Valley Road (with the demolition of a residential estate house in Clyst Valley Road to gain access) by developers acting for Plymouth Brethren).

Clyst St Mary has also already agreed two planning applications totalling 93 dwellings for social, affordable and private needs, which is felt to be sustainable for a small village of this size and the current additional proposals would increase the size of the village by around 120%, which, the villagers felt, was certainly not sustainable.

The normal venue for Council meetings is the local School Hall but the previous Extraordinary Meeting had attracted such huge numbers of residents wishing to object, that it was assessed that a larger venue was necessary and the Village Hall was chosen, which was equally packed to capacity.

At the previous meeting the Parish Council had unanimously agreed to employ Charlie Hopkins, an experienced planning consultant, who had successfully assisted other local campaigns with their objections. With the support of the newly formed Save Clyst St Mary Campaign Group, financial pledges from the villagers were offered together with existing funds from the Parish Council to enable the employment of a consultant.

Charlie Hopkins was attending this latest meeting to explain to the villagers the very complex planning issues involved and he recommended to them their best course of action in objecting to such inappropriate proposals.

Many locals spoke with great passion about their views on saving the identity of their unique East Devon village by ensuring that only sustainable development is acceptable and the solidarity of the residents was expressed by them voting against every one of the ten current proposed planning applications.

To date The Save Clyst St Mary Group have received many financial pledges from the villagers and a Post Office account is now available for anyone to submit donations in support (Nat West Bank PLC 56-00-49 A/C 32633181 ). They would urge anyone who has not yet become involved in their campaign to contact Gaeron Kayley by e-mail at saveclyststmary@gmail.com or visit http://www.saveclyststmary.org.uk

Please support us in protecting our unique very special village because

‘Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much.’

‘Saving the identity’ of a unique East Devon village… Clyst St Mary residents out in force at last night’s meeting. | East Devon Watch


26th January 2015

East Devon Watch has been sent this update on what’s happening at Clyst St Mary:

‘A massive thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign to unite Clyst St Mary in opposing inappropriate development within our village. Our aim is to ensure any future building is sustainable and in accordance with the emerging Neighbourhood Plan so that the village’s unique identity can be maintained and its green sites preserved. We are incredibly grateful to the hundreds of residents who turned up at the Village Hall last Tuesday to voice their concerns regarding proposals for developments at Cat’s Copse, Winslade Park and Oil Mill Lane. Thanks in part to the generosity of residents, the Parish Council has now been able to hire a specialist planning consultant to help us fight these proposals. The next crucial meeting is on 5th February at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

As you may already be aware, yet another planning application has now been received which, once again, threatens to destroy the character of our village with the development of not only 40 houses (which is in addition to the 93 village homes for which planning permission has already been granted) but also the demolition of an existing family home in the heart of Clyst Valley Road to provide road access into the existing well established, incredibly quiet residential estate. The proposed site, currently owned by the Plymouth Brethren, is the large field adjacent to our football ground.Although it has been labeled ‘Land off Clyst Valley Road, this is in fact misleading since there is no existing access from this road. Nor, at the time of writing, is there any sign of the plans on display in close proximity to the home the developers want to demolish; the only references are situated on the boundary fence between Winslade Park Avenue/A376 and our village football ground.

With the deadline for letters of objection only weeks away (4th February 2015) please can we strongly urge you to continue supporting the village by emailing/writing to East Devon District Council to voice your objections to this most recent proposal. Issues you may wish to consider with regard to this specific development include: an increase in population for which the village does not have the infra-structure; the loss of the existing residential estate’s unique, tranquil character; substantial loss of light and privacy to residents whose bungalows back onto the site (the proposed homes are 2 or 3 storeys in height); an enormous (and potentially dangerous) increase in traffic travelling through the estate – very few public facilities are available within walking distance; a potential increase in congestion both through the main village and onto the Exmouth and Sidmouth roads (the Church Lane entrance to the estate, the site of 21 road traffic incidents in recent years – one of which was fatal – will be particularly affected); an increase in already high levels of pollution, especially at the Clyst St Mary roundabout ; concerns regarding potential flooding which would be exacerbated by the loss of further green spaces; existing wildlife habitats would be destroyed; it would be setting a precedent – which village field, park or site, on either side of the A3052, would become the next target for destruction?

When drafting your objections, the planning reference you should quote is ‘Land Off Clyst Valley Road: 15/0072/MOUT’. A selection of sample letters are given below * and will be available to download from our website http://www.saveclsytstmary.org.uk within the next few days – please feel free to adapt these as required. They can be sent by post or email (planningwest@eastdevon.gov.uk)

Please do note the aforementioned meeting regarding this planning application on 5th February 2015 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall where, once again, your support is essential.

Finally, please can we remind local residents that they are still able to contribute towards the on-going costs of employing Charlie Hopkins, our planning consultant. Payment can be made via the website or at Clyst St Mary Post Office. Please be assured that money will be used for no other purpose than to help pay Mr Hopkins; anyone assisting this campaign is doing so voluntarily and all costs such as printing and banners have been paid for by those volunteers. Do visit our website regularly as we are endeavouring to keep it as up to date as possible. A series of rare historical maps of our area are one of the most recent features which may be of interest. Feel free to suggest any further features you would like to see added.

– As we have stated previously, the challenge ahead of us is not easy – but together, we really can do it!’

*15 0072 MOUT ( Land off Clyst Valley Road, Clyst St Mary
*Land off CVR letter

*** STOP PRESS: new planning application for another solar farm in the area – *** please see website for further details

*** Save Clyst St Mary Village from Inappropriate Development *** | East Devon Watch

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