Sunday, 17 February 2019

Plans for Port Royal: Drill Hall bids to be considered

A fortnight ago, the tendering process for the Drill Hall came to a close:
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal: Drill Hall on the open market to 4th February

The formal bids have been whittled down to three and are now being considered - as covered by the latest Herald: 

Bids to be considered for Sidmouth Drill Hall

PUBLISHED: 09:50 14 February 2019

Clarissa Place

The front of the drill hall has been called untidy and a mess by resident Dave O'Connor.

A trio of bids have been submitted to transform Sidmouth’s Drill Hall following a market consultation period.

East Devon District Council has received three ‘interesting and diverse’ bids for the site following the consultation period, which ended on Friday, February 4.

A core group made up of Sidmouth and East Devon town and district councillors are now considering the bids, working with property agent JLL which has managed the marketing.

A council spokesman said at the moment the details of the bids must remain confidential and recommendations will be made for East Devon District Council’s cabinet for approval at a later date.

Final bids to be considered to transform Sidmouth Drill Hall | Latest Sidmouth and Ottery News - Sidmouth Herald

Here's the District Council's press release: 

Marketing of the Sidmouth Drill Hall completed

14 February 2019

Bids are now being considered

The marketing period for the Sidmouth Drill Hall site came to an end on Friday February 4 following a period of six months for community-based bids to come forward alongside a shorter three-month period for commercial bidders to prepare.

Three interesting and diverse bids were received and they are now being considered by a core group of local councillors and officers from East Devon District and Sidmouth Town Councils with advice from professional property agents JLL, who have been managing the marketing process.

Any recommendations from the core group will go before East Devon District Council’s Cabinet for its approval and for the moment, the detail of the bids must remain confidential.

Cllr Geoff Pook, the district council’s portfolio holder for Asset Management, said:

"Sidmouth’s Drill Hall is a building on a prominent site for the town and we understand the degree of local interest in what the future holds for the area. This could become an important asset and attraction that adds to what Sidmouth offers its residents and visitors alike.

"There will be no immediate detailed announcements as we have a process of consideration, selection and negotiation to go through but we can certainly say that there has been an interesting mix of bids come in for consideration."

14 February 2019 - Marketing of the Sidmouth Drill Hall completed - East Devon

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