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The draft local plan process in Mid Devon: a comparison

Transition Towns tend to take an interest in the strategic planning decisions of their local authorities:
The Transition Streets Challenge: Potential and challenges | Sustaining Community
Policies for Transition | Transition Network
Climate South West, building resilience to extreme weather and climate change in the South West

Sustainable Crediton, in its latest newsletter, highlights Mid Devon's engagement on its own draft local plan:

The final consultation on the Mid Devon Local Plan Review is being extended until the 27th April. The Local Plan Review will guide development in the district over the next 20 years. It aims to make sure that new homes, jobs and services required by communities are located in the most sustainable places. It will also help deliver the infrastructure, facilities and other development needed to make this possible. This is probably your last chance to influence the council on the larger planning issues affecting the area. 
View the documents.

Sustainable Crediton - Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 57
Local Plan in Tiverton Crediton and Cullompton | Tiverton Mid Devon Gazette

On the other hand, the Vision Group for Sidmouth has been spending the last ten years trying to engage East Devon:

The Vision Group aims to provide a forum for informed debate and widespread consultation on the future development of the Sid Valley

We will work to cherish the heritage of our beautiful Regency town, the coast and the surrounding countryside. The original local poll in 2005 confirmed that residents wish to maintain the area's distinctive character while ensuring that future changes will be sustainable and underpinned by a vibrant local economy. We will commend the residents' vision to the Local Development Framework and work to enhance and improve the area's amenities where possible.

Vision Group for Sidmouth - Home

This blog has asked the same questions as Sustainable Crediton:
Futures Forum: Housing in East Devon: "Why has the District Council opted for such high growth level?" >>> in contrast to consultants' reports and government growth projections

... and has reported on the different approaches to 'development' and 'housing':
Futures Forum: Mid Devon District Council's draft local plan >>> "a target of 28% of housing to be affordable"

And meanwhile these last twelve months, the Save Our Sidmouth blog has shown exasperation over the District Council's glacial pace over its Local Plan process:
Further delays to the Local Plan “quite incredible” | Save Our Sidmouth
Local Plan ‘progress’ | Save Our Sidmouth
Delay in drawing up the new Local Plan is “like a recurrent nightmare” , says EDDC Councillor | Save Our Sidmouth
What EDDC Local Plan fiasco means for Sidmouth | Save Our Sidmouth
EDDC’s Local Plan deemed unsound, as EDDC leader expected! | Save Our Sidmouth

The Sidmouth Independent News covered these issues some years ago:
From the archives 3: 5 year land supply, known in 2009, problems predicted in 2013 | East Devon Watch
5 year land supply: problems known about in 2009 | Sidmouth Independent News

The East Devon Watch blog has been particularly critical of how the District Council has handled its local plan process:
Local Plan | East Devon Alliance

For example - comparing East Devon and Mid Devon:
“Economic growth” (EDDC choice) or “Balanced growth” (Mid Devon choice) for Local Plans | East Devon Watch
Something doesn’t add up: Mid Devon’s draft Local Plan out for consultation when its supposed to be tied to our secret consultants’ reports | East Devon Watch
Local Plans: with the same figures, Mid-Devon opts for low growth in housing numbers East Devon opts for high growth | East Devon Watch

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