Saturday, 20 August 2016

Guerrilla art in East Devon

The West Country's boy made good has not shied away from political comment:
Bungling council erases £400,000 'racist' Banksy - Telegraph

'Franksy' has been busy in Exmouth:
Futures Forum: Roll up, roll up! Exmouth's new Dunnock Meedown Cafe!
“Franksy” artwork update | East Devon Watch

Meanwhile, there has been some guerrilla art happening elsewhere: 

"NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.''

In pictures: Nude Donald Trump statues amuse crowds - BBC News
Trump Statues: Meet Anarchists Behind 'Emperor Has No Balls' - Rolling Stone

There are parts of the world where such happenings cannot happen:
Belarus Free Theatre
Ministry Of Counterculture

The late and much-missed Jo Frith, longstanding member of the Beach Management Plan steering group, came up with this idea a couple of years ago:

"Create a Mach-type art installation on the beach..."

I still hold very firmly to the belief that the best thing that the Salcombe Hill Residents’ Association could do, both for themselves and for Sidmouth, would be to put a row of garden sheds at the far end of their gardens. Fill them with reinforcing and with a strong-mix concrete and wait for them to fall to the beach below to form a natural rock revetment. Natural England and the Jurassic Coast organisation could do nothing to stop this as garden huts don’t need planning permission for outbuildings up to a total of 10 sq mtres in plan. 

It is an opportunity to create a Mach-type art installation on the beach below, just as Mach did in Kingston upon Thames. The huts could form wind-breaks for planting much-needed trees in front as a visual screen in their gardens and to soak up the surface water which further destabilises the cliffs. 

If people didn’t want to “go modern” with this sort of installation art, then they could equally well construct a giant rockery at the end of their gardens - again without needing planning permission. Perhaps the Keith Owen Fund would make a donation to Salcombe Hill householders who did this?

Futures Forum: "Create a Mach-type art installation on the beach..."

With a couple more ideas of late:
Futures Forum: 'Human Touch' >>> Applied art installations contributing to well-being and cohesion
Futures Forum: "Branching Out: Creative Collaborations with Trees" >>> course at Schumacher College
Futures Forum: Knit for the Planet
Futures Forum: Katie Paterson: "Hollow" >>> Modernist grotto made from 10,000 tree samples unveiled in Bristol

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