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Regenerating Exmouth seafront >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> cabinet report Wednesday 9th November >>> demonstration Saturday 12th November

The District Council's Cabinet will be meeting on Wednesday to consider its project for Exmouth's seafront:

Queen’s Drive Site, Exmouth – Update Report

The purpose of the report is to update members on our delivery of an improved seafront offer for Exmouth and, in particular, progress on the Queen’s Drive regeneration project. It advises Cabinet and seeks approval on recommendations relating to progress with the Queen’s Drive site phases 1 (road and car park) and 2 (Watersports Hub) and the next steps on phase 3 (mixed use leisure development on the remainder of the site including Harbour View cafe site). 

In the Recommendations which follow:

- the District Council does not offer the sort of consultation which would be considered 'independent':

2. To note that in taking forward a fresh review of phase 3 of the Queens Drive site the Council will give Exmouth people another opportunity to have their say on what happens on that site. The Council will bring in external expertise to carry out a review. This will involve full consultation that is neither developer nor Council led.

- the District Council does not accept blame for any delays and extra costs:

3. To note that legal delays have had a significant impact on delivering all phases of Queen’s Drive improvements including revised timing and increased project costs. (see Appendix 3)

- the District Council nevertheless lays out the doubling of the anticipated cost:

4. To consider and agree the allocation of additional funding to deliver the Council’s commitment to the Queen’s Drive site regeneration project. The projected total funding requirement before increased income, capital receipt and/or grant funding has risen from the original estimate of £1,500,000 in 2014 to £3,120,000 in gross terms (see Appendix 4). 

- and the District Council does not seem to be concerned at the lack of democratic accountability:

5. To note that under delegated powers and an exemption to standing orders, officers have engaged planning and design services to take forward a reserved matters application for the continuance of the current planning approval of Queen’s Drive (see Appendix 5) 

Agenda for Cabinet - Wednesday, 9 November 2016

It will be interesting to see what any Exmouthians present at the meeting will think - in the context of this piece of artwork posted on the seafront:

Franksy strikes again in Exmouth! | East Devon Watch

Because the people are revolting:
Futures Forum: Regenerating Exmouth seafront >>> demonstration Saturday 12th November

Exmouth seafront protesters to stage march

07 November 2016 Sean Keywood

The former DJs cafe on Exmouth seafront is now being demolished.

A march is to be held through the streets of Exmouth, protesting what campaigners say is a lack of consultation about seafront redevelopment plans.

Campaign group Save Exmouth Seafront (SES) says it is organising the march as East Devon District Council (EDDC) has not responded to a letter from Exmouth Town Council calling for further independent consultation on the future of Queen’s Drive, following a vote for this in a town poll.

EDDC, which revealed this week that the cost of the project has more than doubled, says further consultation will be held.

The march on November 12 will begin at the lorry park in Marine Way at 11am.

Protesters will then proceed to the seafront via Imperial Road, The Strand and Alexandra Terrace, and end at around midday with some short speeches.

SES supporter Clive Paul said: “I am appalled that EDDC has not responded, but has continued on with the demolition of seafront attractions, showing a complete lack of regard for the people of Exmouth.

“I will be joining the march to reiterate the call for independent consultation on the future of Exmouth seafront, and that no further work should go ahead until this has been done.”

In response, Councillor Philip Skinner, chairman of EDDC’s Exmouth Regeneration Board, said developer Grenadier would be holding its own public consultation on a proposed watersports centre at Queen’s Drive, before further consultation during the planning application process.

Regarding subsequent redevelopment, Cllr Skinner said: “The council will be carrying out further consultation on the third and final phase of the project, which involves the remainder of the golf site, the fun park and the Harbour View Cafe sites.

“The council is looking to commission external expertise to produce a fresh new vision for this phase and a key priority will be to consult with our residents, businesses and tourists as we want people to have their say from the outset before developers or investors come on board.”

The council also this week began demolition work on DJ’s Cafe, the former Jungle Fun and Arnold Palmer mini-golf site, and the former site of Exmouth Model Railway.

It has also said its cabinet will consider a report on the redevelopment on November 9, including the news that gross costs for the Queen’s Drive project have now more than doubled from £1.5million to £3.1million.

An EDDC spokesperson said: “The council appreciates that this is a large increase but, unfortunately, when a project is delayed, costs will inevitably rise.

“The council will now manage the revised projections within the scope of the project plan.”

● For more on the seafront, see page six.

Exmouth seafront protesters to stage march - News - Sidmouth Herald

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