Sunday, 29 October 2017

"Bring back bottle deposits to stop plastic pollution in our oceans" >>> consultations, campaigns, petitions

Our oceans are really quite something:

Blue Planet II : The Prequel - YouTube

Plastic in our oceans is not a good thing, though:
Futures Forum: How plastic gets from your hand to your plate - via the sea

David Attenborough has been speaking about this in the run-up to his seminal series starting on BBC 1 later this evening:
David Attenborough on Blue Planet II: 'We are poisoning our oceans at an extraordinary rate' - The i newspaper online iNews
David Attenborough: filming Blue Planet 2 was a triumph and a tragedy - Telegraph

And here is something we can do about it:
Futures Forum: "Bring back bottle deposits to stop plastic pollution in our oceans" >>> Surfers Against Sewage to deliver petition to Parliament tomorrow

Although the industry is not too sure about it:
ACS voices fears over bottle return scheme
Michael Gove signals government backing for deposit return scheme
Plasteurope.com - PLASTICS RECYCLING UK: Government investigates bottle deposit return scheme / Move could help boost recycling rates for plastic containers

With a campaign and petition from Avaaz:

Every day 16 MILLION plastic bottles go un-recycled in the UK.

It’s a plague of plastic that's choking our rivers and suffocating the ocean -- it's even in our drinking water! But finally there's hope.

The Environment Secretary is considering a revolutionary plan to give people a financial incentive to recycle. It’s a complete no-brainer, but industry lobbyists and even supermarkets are fighting back, hard -- and there’s just one day left in the consultation.

The plan is super simple: a small deposit is paid with every plastic bottle, which you get back when you recycle the bottle. In places like Germany and Denmark this same plan has taken recycling rates to over 90%.

More recycling means new plastic production would plummet. We’d use less oil, our beaches, birds, and brooks could breath again, AND our councils would actually save money from lower garbage collection and landfill costs. Complete no-brainer.

There’s no time to waste -- every minute another 10,000 bottles go un-recycled

Secretary Gove: End the Plastic Plague Now!

In the wild, a single plastic bottle can take 450 years to break down. Winning this would be a victory felt for centuries. Our great, great, great, great grandchildren will walk on their beaches, birds circling overhead as the waves roll in, smiling back at us. Let's make this happen now, for us, for them, and for our world.

More information:

Plastic bottle deposit return scheme could save England's councils £35m a year (The Guardian)
Michael Gove suggests plastic bottle deposit scheme (BBC)
We are all choking on plastic pollution -- it's time for the UK to act (The Telegraph)
Sir David Attenborough Calls For Action Against Plastic Pollution (Futurism)

Avaaz - Secretary Gove: End the Plastic Plague Now!

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