Monday, 11 December 2017

A quarter of commuters in the West Country have no access to public transport

A nice hydrogen-powered car could get you to work guilt-free:
Futures Forum: Climate change: breakthroughs in hydrogen fuel cells >>> for the "world energy transition"

But meanwhile, we have to either get into a stinking car or cope with the hassle and expense of public transport:
Driving a car is getting cheaper and cheaper while trains and buses just keep getting more expensive | The Independent
Ask Slashdot: If Public Transport Was Free, Would You Leave Your Car At Home? - Slashdot

Wherever we are:
3 Reasons Why You, I and Everybody Else in Malaysia Still Want a Car - Carsome Malaysia
Netherlands: is owning a car problematic? How do people do without a car on weekends anyway? : thenetherlands

There isn't much choice anyway outside London:
Depressing news: In most British cities, public transport is becoming less, not more, important | CityMetric
Bus deregulation outside London has been a failure – thinktank report | UK news | The Guardian

As has just been revealed:
“One in five wouldn’t be able to get to work using just public transport” | East Devon Watch

As the Mail says:

The Government is desperate for us to ditch our cars and replace them with zero-emissions electric models or use public transport in a bid to reduce air pollution in the country.

However, a new study has highlighted that more than 10 million Britons would be unable to get to work if they could only rely on buses, trains and other modes of public transport. Direct Line Car Insurance said a fifth of workers either don't have a public transport link into their nearest town centre or would have to use three or more modes of shared transport to get to work.
Fifth of Britons can't get to work using public transport | This is Money

More depressingly for us in the West Country, though:

A quarter of people in the South West (25 per cent) said they depend solely on driving to reach their place of employment five days a week.

Regions with the most people who can't get to work using public transport

1. Wales - 30%
2. Northern Ireland - 27%
3. South West - 25%
=4. North West - 23%
=4. East of England - 23%
=4.  West Midlands - 23%
7. South East - 22% 
8. East Midlands - 21%
=9. North East - 17%
=9. Yorks & Humber - 17% 
=9. Scotland - 17%
12. London - 11% 
 Source: Direct Line Car Insurance

Fifth of Britons can't get to work using public transport | This is Money

Railways are rubbish in this part of the world:
Futures Forum: The SouthWest continues to get a bad deal for its railways

It certainly isn't much fun trying to get into Exeter every morning:
Futures Forum: Gridlocked Devon >>> 'Devon Live' to debate "some of the major travel problems facing the county." >>> and to investigate "the attitude of local authorities to sustainable travel and highlight some of Devon's pollution hotspots"

And when it comes to commuting into Sidmouth, many will have to rely on their cars:
Futures Forum: Is it 'Park & Change' or 'Park & Ride'?

Because the whole transport system has been geared to the car for the past century:
Futures Forum: Subsidies and social engineering: or why we build roads.

Although we could look elsewhere for inspiration:
Futures Forum: Creating a Dutch-style cycling culture in the UK

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