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Sidford business park >>> Town Council rejects application

The Say NO to Sidford Business Park group has been campaigning for some time against the proposals for an industrial estate to the north of the town:
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All the issues were brought up at Wednesday night's meeting to consider the latest planning application:

The campaign group has since posted several pieces on the event: 

Say NO to Sidford Business Park

This was just one of the many reasons that Sidmouth Town Council rejected the revised plans to develop a business park at Sidford at their meeting last night.

Next step is to make sure that East Devon District Council do the same. 

So please respond to the consultation by email to csc@eastdevon.gov.uk or by post to East Devon District Council, Knowle, Sidmouth EX10 8HL by 5pm on 15 June 2018.

Come to next week's public meeting to find out how the application will affect you, and what are the most effective ways to object: Tuesday 5 June, 6.30 for a 7pm start, Sidford Social Hall, Byes Lane.

Say NO to Sidford Business Park 

Last evening over 200 people attended Sidmouth Town Council’s Planning Committee’s public consideration of the revised planning application to create a Business Park at Sidford.

Over a dozen members of the public made clear their objections to, and concerns at the planning proposal, whilst only one, in addition to the applicants’ agent, spoke in favour.

In response to the very strong views around the room the Town Council decided to oppose the planning application. It had taken the same stance when the applicants had previously submitted a similar proposal.

This is only one step in the process as it is East Devon District Council which determines the outcome of the planning application, which is why it is very important that as many members of the public submit objections to it by no later than 15 June.

A great way of finding out what sort of objections would be most appropriate is to attend the public meeting on 5 June at 7.00pm in Sidford Social Hall.

Matt Scratchley
I'm unable to make the meetings due to work, however, after speaking to a few folks that did go I'd like to raise a point that wasn't raised, or at least wasn't relayed to myself.

If employment is being used as a major pull by those proposing the site then is it worth considering that maybe those of working age in the valley DONT want to work in the valley. I myself work near 2 industrial estates on the outskirts of Exeter, two estates that continue to grow. Part of the reason I really enjoy living here is the fact I can return to the valley to green fields and a near unspoilt landscape. I want to commute. It can't be assumed that we all want to live near our place of work.

Matthew Renshaw 

I think that was a big assumption made in the meeting last night. Those of working age are well used and happy to commute even as ‘far’ as Exeter 😂. Not forgetting we also live in a digital age where commuting to an office or workplace is not always necessary. My wife an I are in our 30s both professionals and commute to Exeter. In fact we enjoy the scenery of the commute! We just moved to the area for quality of life and unspoilt surroundings and I’m sure many ‘young people’ would say the same......if asked!!!

Say NO to Sidford Business Park - Home | Facebook

The front page of today's Herald leads on the story: 

Resounding no for Sidford business park proposal

PUBLISHED: 09:30 01 June 2018

Clarissa Place

More than 150 people attended a planning meeting discussing proposals for a new business park at Sidford.

Residents and representatives blasted fresh plans for a business park between Sidford and Sidbury this week.

The reduced outline application failed to win over civic leaders and members of the public as it was unanimously opposed by Sidmouth Town Council’s planning committee on Wednesday. Access, inadequate roads and flooding risk were among the reasons.

More than 150 residents, as well as town, district and county council representatives packed into Sidford Social Hall.

A change of use is being sought for the agricultural site, in Two Bridges Road, to provide 8,445sqm of employment floorspace.

District councillor Marianne Rixson said there was ‘zero requirement’ for the development and that the A375 was not wide enough to cope with traffic. She claimed the ‘only beneficiaries’ from the scheme would be the applicants, not ‘the people of the Sid Valley, nor the local economy’. “It’s all about greed, not need,” added Cllr Rixson.

John Loudoun, of Sidbury, said it was ‘laudable’ for the applicants to promote alternative transport to the site, but the details were vague. He added: “This is the wrong development in the wrong place. I support the need for local infrastructure - but not there. It will not be good for Sidford and I can assure you it will not be good for Sidbury.”

David Addis backed the application and said: “The Sid Valley needs to have a future supporting our families and the families that come after us. It should not just be a place for retired people or a holiday destination - we need a diverse economy.”

Joseph Marchant, agent for the applicant, said concerns from the previous proposals, submitted in 2016, had been listened to, adding: “It is quite substantially different, there is a huge reduction in volume. It represents 37 per cent of what was previously submitted. The volume of buildings would provide for 250 jobs and that is important in terms of providing the need identified in your allocated Local Plan as a district.”

Councillor Ian McKenzie-Edwards, who represents Sidford, said: “We know how busy that road gets. Putting this employment site where it is projected is going to exacerbate traffic. It’s going to lower the quality of life. The village of Sidbury; the traffic there is horrendous sometimes.”

Cllr Ian Barlow recommended that the council did not support the plans over the same concerns expressed about the 2016 application. He said: “It is in the Local Plan, we know it is, and we fought to keep it out. Mistakes were made and we have seen it already. The Local Plan is a massive document and no council, however good or bad, can get it all right. If it is wrong, change it and have the guts to admit the mistake was made. It is a stupid place to put it. It’s expensive to build, it’s not required, certainly not the size of it - there has been no demand proved.”

A public meeting over the plans is due to be held in Sidford Social Hall on Tuesday, at 6.30pm.

The fate of the application will be decided by the district council.

Resounding no for Sidford business park proposal | Latest Sidmouth and Ottery News - Sidmouth Herald

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