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Plans for Port Royal: anticipating a Regeneration Board >> Scoping Study consultants' final report to be presented to Reference Group >>> Thursday 5th October

The Reference Group to the current process on Port Royal met on 21st September:
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal: anticipating a Regeneration Board >> Scoping Study consultants' report presented to Reference Group > press release

They are to meet again this Thursday 5th October:
Scoping Study report to go before Reference Group next month:27 September 2017 - Port Royal Reference Group discuss consultation findings - East Devon
Port Royal Regeneration - Sidmouth Town Council

Here is a take on things so far from the Sidmouth Drill Hall Rescue website:

Dear Friends,

Mainly a list of links about the Port Royal Scoping Exercise to allow you to read for yourselves.
EDDC press release
EDDC consultation update
EDDC Consultants' survey results

The survey results should really be read in conjunction with the survey as their indication of the actual question answered is sketchy. The survey is no longer available on the EDDC website ...... fortunately it is available here  ;-)

When you do read both together you can see why the results seem so jumbled and in some cases contradictory. Comments against something turn up where people have allegedly voted for the thing, and visa versa. The survey is not fit for purpose as it doesn't permit people to make their views clear.

A really clear example of how badly the survey was worded is shown in question 6, which reads 'How much do you agree or disagree with the new and improved facilities for Sidmouth Lifeboat happening on the Port Royal allocated site?'  The underlying assumption seems to be that the current facilities will be removed, but that is not explicitly stated so some people will guess one thing and some another.

Unless you know what is in their mind the meaning of their answer will not be clear to you.

On top of that they ask two questions in one, using the same answer for both 'new' and 'improved' facilities as if they meant the same thing.

So ...... if you think the current provision is about right do you 'disagree'? Could that be seen to suggest you don't want a lifeboat or that you don't want it there? They also say THE new and improved facilities, but don't detail what THE facilities will be. These are basic errors when formulating a survey and similar errors appear in almost every question.

So many additional consultants have been brought in to assist Jillings-Heynes that I find it difficult to understand why they did not use an expert to draw up the survey.

They have also not reported the number of people who said that the survey did not allow clear views to be expressed, and I know several who did say that. We need to press our Councillors to release the raw data and we also need an explanation of how they chose to make sense of it.

Last thought: why, when Sidmouth Town Council is the leader in this Exercise, do we have to go to the East Devon District Council website to search for information? Why aren't there at least links on STC as soon as on EDDC? Perhaps they think we are not really interested?

Kind regards, Mary

Port Royal, Consultants' survey results
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