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Brexit: and Exeter's MP asking for scrutiny: and more news

Labour seems as split as the Tories over Brexit:
Diane Abbott breaks with Labour policy to back second EU referendum - The i newspaper online iNews
Diane Abbott mocked after she wrongly claims she wants to see a second Brexit referendum - The Sun

Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw has backed the front bench MP:
Ben Bradshaw on Twitter: "Good for Diane! And she shouldn’t have to apologise for sensible & honest assurances to her constituents. #brexitshambles… https://t.co/exsMIR5WpV"

Whilst others are increasingly asking questions... 
Legatum: the Brexiteers’ favourite think tank. Who is behind them? | openDemocracy
There's far more to Theresa May's Russian 'meddling' claim than she’s letting on | The Canary

... none other than the MP for Exeter has been asking such questions for some time now:
Futures Forum: Brexit: and bots
Futures Forum: Brexit: and Exeter's MP asking for scrutiny: latest 

This is his piece from earlier this month: 
The question of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum cuts to the heart of our democracy | Prospect Magazine

As reported this week by the New York Times:

An opposition lawmaker and former minister, Ben Bradshaw, called last month for a British government investigation into claims of Russian interference, adding that there were “questions” about Arron Banks, an insurance company owner and political gadfly who gave heavy financial backing to one of the campaign groups on the leave side.

With further commentary on Ben Bradshaw's campaign:

Firmly backing Hard Brexit the Legatum Institute, which has a claim to be the country’s most influential think tank, with impressive access to ministers. So who backs Legatum? It is funded by Christopher Chandler, a New Zealand billionaire, who lives in Singapore and works in Dubai.

Last week, Ben Bradshaw, my Labour MP colleague, suggested the new Intelligence Select Committee make a close study of his background because it appears Chandler made much of his fortune in the chaos of Russia. Indeed, he and his brother say they were the largest foreign portfolio investors in Russia.

It is especially interesting that Chandler made a great deal of his fortune working with Putin’s associates to re-organise GazProm, the largest energy company in the world, after Putin’s election as President in 2000, helping to lead a boardroom coup to emplace Alexei Miller – Putin’s deputy from St Petersburg days – as head of GazProm. The current Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medevev took over soon after.

Who is hacking Brexit? And why we need our own Robert Mueller inquiry - Latest Brexit news and top stories - The New European

Brexit lawyer Gina Miller recently backed calls for an official inquiry into the allegations, as suggested by Labour MP Ben Bradshaw in the House of Commons.

Speaking exclusively to the Standard, Ms Miller said: "The Electoral Commission, a quasi-governmental organisation, does not have the power or remit to deal with an investigation into Russian interference in the EU referendum. There has to be an independent inquiry. The UK is only part of a larger story which we have seen unfolding all over the world, in the American, French and German elections. We have to call into question what our government is doing. Where is their moral compass?"

Facebook and Twitter respond to allegations of Russian interference in Brexit vote | London Evening Standard
Strip away the layers and Brexit becomes ever more murky | Gina Miller | Opinion | The Guardian
Who paid for the leave vote? Brexit should be halted until we know | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

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