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"What are your ideas for future projects for Sidmouth?" ..... Vision Group AGM 'will be collating the latest thoughts' on the Town Council's consultation: Weds 18th June

There are more ideas coming in for 'the future of Sidmouth':
Futures Forum: "What are your ideas for future projects for Sidmouth?" ..... ..... deadline for suggestions: Monday 30th June

With a report from the latest View from Sidmouth:

SIDMOUTH: Town project ideas up for discussion

4th June 2014
By Jack Dixon.

Pedestrianising Fore Street, improving Christmas lights and tidying up the town centre are just some of the initial suggestions submitted to Sidmouth Town Council for where designated community cash could be spent.

The council has been seeking ideas from residents about how to improve the town and surrounding areas. And the suggestions will later be put to a public vote to decide which projects will be awarded the cash.

Councillor Ian Barlow, who has been heading the initiative, said: “The town council wants to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet on this. “It is important that everybody has a say so that we can get lots of ideas together then put them to a vote so the whole town is behind whichever projects are chosen. It does not matter what it will cost – whether it is £1,000 or £100,000 – we will keep an open mind and any idea is up for discussion.”

The council is lining up a number of community projects with an emphasis on boosting tourism and has opened the floor to suggestions from local people for how its money could best be spent. So far, proposals have included the complete pedestrianisation of Fore Street and the construction of a wharf to enable boats to dock at the seafront, as well as improving the standard of the town’s festive decorations.

Councillor Barlow added: “People always moan that they do not have a say but this is their chance to get their voices heard. It is a great project, and if you have a good idea we want to hear from you.”

A town council spokesperson added: “The town council is committed to ensuring that local people play a part in shaping a local vision for Sidmouth’s future development and will work hard to achieve some of your ideas in the future. We are especially interested in the views of local community groups. If you are part of a group and would like a councillor to come and speak to you before you fill in your form please contact us. Consultation forms are available from the town council and online at www.sidmouth.gov.uk, and ideas should be submitted by Monday June 30th.

View From Online - News from West Dorset, East Devon & South Somerset 

The Vision Group for Sidmouth's AGM will be encouraging members of the community to come forward with more ideas at its AGM on Weds 16th June:
Futures Forum: VGS - AGM: Weds 18th June: "The future of Sidmouth" 

How can Sidmouth be improved? 

Just one more month (June) to have your say.

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A reminder that residents’ views are being sought by Sidmouth Town Council, on how the Sid Valley and surrounding area could be improved for local people and for tourists. Consultation forms can be obtained from the town council office, or online at http://www.sidmouth.gov.uk . The consultation deadline is 30th June.

District Councillor Graham Troman has put out a plea for everyone in the area to work together and pool their ideas for “progress without spoiling” Sidmouth, Sidford, Sidbury and Salcombe Regis.

And the Vision Group for Sidmouth (https://www.visionforsidmouth.org/) who were formed 9 years ago, with similar objectives, have already started successful forward-looking initiatives, such as Sidmouth Science Festival, and have produced well-researched documents on ensuring a flourishing future for the Sid Valley. 

The VgS will be collating the latest thoughts at their AGM ..

poster here: AGM June 2014 All welcome to attend and participate!

Council open to ideas for future funding

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
10:00 AM

Residents are sharing their ideas for spending without limits as civic leaders create an ambitious vision for a future Sid Valley.

Town councillors want to know what individuals and groups would do with anything ‘up to a billion pounds’ as they prepare for future funding allocations.

Suggestions so far range from pedestrianising the whole of the town centre to building a wharf for docking boats – but ideas big and small are being invited from all walks of life.

Councillor Ian Barlow, who is behind the consultation, said: “Sidmouth is owed half a million pounds but ideas could be for a billion pounds – the whole point is trying to get people enthused. I joined the council because I always moaned nothing was getting done – now this is residents’ chance to get involved. I want to show them we are their council.”

He added: “We want a vision of the future – what do you want to see? We are giving people the chance to stand up and shout. We’ll take the ideas to a vote, then when everyone’s agreed we can all say ‘this is the scheme we are going to back’ – that’s democracy. We’ll have a project that the whole town is behind and we can go to developers, or Government or the Keith Owen Fund, and say this is what we want. Imagine them all pulling together.”

The consultation is for no specific funding due to come through – but councillors say they want to be ready with a ‘shopping list’ of ideas when it does.

The consultation could prove a second chance for schemes that failed to win backing before, such as a multi-use games area up at Stowford Community Centre, or to revive a particular part of town.

Suggestions are being sought for Sidmouth, Sidford, Sidbury and Salcombe Regis.

Councillors are offering to meet with representatives of community groups before they apply, which can be arranged by calling 01395 512424.

They are asking people to think about how ideas will improve the area, who it will benefit and what it will cost – but there is no upper limit.

All ideas must be received by Monday, June 30.

Council open to ideas for future funding - News - Sidmouth Herald

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