Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Climate change: talk & film in Bridport: Friday 15th January >>> Good COP, Bad COP >>> This Changes Everything

An interesting and lively event coming up this week in Bridport:
This Changes Everything | Bridport Arts Centre

But, first, some feedback from the UN conference...

Talk & Film
This Friday, 15 January, Bridport Arts Centre

Hosted by Transition Town Bridport, there will be a double bill this Friday – a report back from Paris at 7pm, followed by a film inspired by Naomi Klein’s book.

7pm:  Good COP/Bad COP II ; Free
In November, Kit and Raja led a discussion which gave a clear explanation of how climate conferences  (or Conference of Parties, COPs) work, how agreement is reached, and what we could expect from the Paris COP21. Judging by some of the press coverage, the problem of climate change has been solved, and we can continue to burn fossil fuels, only more efficiently. But what is the truth? Kit and Raja will be reporting back from COP21,  discussing the successes and failures of the conference, and what needs to be done to keep our governments to their commitments.

8pm: This Changes Everything; Capitalism versus the Climate
 (£7 in advance from BAC or £8 at the door) (sorry no concs.)

The Canadian writer Naomi Klein wrote the book which inspired this film. In the book she shows that we cannot tackle climate change as long as the fossil fuel corporations and the neoliberal free markets rule our economy and our governments. Continued extraction of oil is as much to blame for our present plight as over-consumption; and that a new economic model is required to fight the fossil fuel industry. The film focuses on communities who have been most affected by extractivism, and their fights back, building new forms of democracy to protect their environments.

Naomi Klein didn't think climate change was her issue but when she realised the close link between environmental destruction and inequality, everything changed. In Naomi's home country, the Canadian government granted virtual free rein to companies seeking oil in Alberta's tar sands, creating a boom town in Fort McMurray. Like large numbers of activists across the world, the indigenous population in Alberta protested the environmental damage. The film starts with a confession from the author “I’ve always kind of hated films about climate change – they’re boring, they’re presumptive and they always, always include shots of polar bears”. This film attempts to change all that.

You can see an in-depth discussion between Owen Jones and Naomi Klein on: 

Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything live with Owen Jones - Full Length | Guardian Live - YouTube


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