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Quarrying in East Devon >>> Straitgate Farm site recommended for County minerals plan

A year ago, proposals for a quarry near Ottery St Mary were tweaked:
Futures Forum: Quarrying in East Devon: Aggregate Industries' latest proposals for Straitgate Farm site

The wider question has been whether the industry is 'sustainable' in this part of the world - or anywhere for that matter:
Futures Forum: Quarrying in East Devon: can it be done 'sustainably'?
Futures Forum: The impacts of the mining industries

The proposals have been out to consultation:
Futures Forum: Quarrying in East Devon >>> consultation begins on County minerals plan
Futures Forum: Quarrying in East Devon >>> consultation on County minerals plan closes Monday 16th November

They have now been recommended for adoption - that "Members endorse the Pre-submission Draft Devon Minerals Plan" next week:
Devon Minerals Plan | Planning

The County Councillor for the area has been campaigning against the development - and this is her report on the latest stage:

Proposed 100 acre quarry at Straitgate Farm recommended for strategic plan

Friday, 22 January 2016 0 Comments by Claire
A 100 acre quarry proposed for Straitgate Farm, on the edge of Ottery, has been formally recommended for approval for inclusion in Devon County Council’s minerals plan.
The decision will be made by councillors on the development management committee, next Wednesday 27 January, starting at 2pm.
East Devon District Council is one of the objectors to the recommendation, citing potential adverse impacts on landscape flood risk, water table, Exeter Airport and the setting of a listed heritage asset - Straitgate Farmhouse itself.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting (however, they are not permitted to speak unfortunately) which will be held at County Hall. I will be speaking against the recommendation.  As a reminder - here’s my original objection.
Although Devon County Council is recommending Straitgate Farm for quarrying, there is no site proposed in the minerals plan for processing the sand and gravel.
And here’s much more information - including how one of the landowners necessary for access is not supporting the plans - from the Straitgate Action Group - http://straitgateactiongroup.blogspot.co.uk/
The planning application from Aggregate Industries has yet to be determined, following more information requested by Devon County Council’s minerals officers.  Aggregate Industries proposes to quarry at Straitgate Farm and use the existing processing equipment at Blackhill Quarry to process sand and gravel there, despite that this would be contrary to European Law, under the Habitats Regulations, as Woodbury Common is a site of special scientific interest, a special protection area and an area of special conservation.

Proposed 100 acre quarry at Straitgate Farm recommended for strategic plan - Claire Wright.

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