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Plans for Port Royal: anticipating a Regeneration Board >>> ‘Scoping Report for the eastern end of Sidmouth’ >>> "previous data history would not be disregarded"

The proposals for a 'Scoping Report' for the Eastern Town were introduced formally to cabinet last week:
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal: anticipating a Regeneration Board >>> ‘Scoping Report for the eastern end of Sidmouth’ to be presented to Cabinet >>> Wednesday 6th January

The minutes are recorded:

Here is the audio section covering the Deputy CEO's presentation - followed by questions from Councillors:
Scoping Report - cabinet - 6jan16

The main points include:
> The Deputy CEO pledged to allow the Town Council to take the lead in the scoping exercise, envisaging a “quality & elegant mixed use development” 
> The Deputy Leader referred to “a real landmark site for Sidmouth”.
> The useful experience of Exmouth regeneration was mentioned.
> Furthermore, the Deputy CEO specifically stated that “it makes obvious sense” to have the Beach Management Plan, the SVA, the Chamber of Commerce and the Vision Group round the table.
> And lastly, he described the design competition mentioned in the press as “the sort of ambition I like to see”.

And here are the relevant sections from the Minutes:


Minutes of the meeting of Cabinet - 6 January 2016 

142 Public Speaking

Jeff Turner spoke on agenda item 17 – Sidmouth, Eastern Town Scoping Study. He asked for support for the project, as Sidmouth needed the improvements and wanted to move on from the Council’s relocation from the Knowle. He confirmed the town council’s decision to engage in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Sidmouth with the priority area being the regeneration of eastern town. He eagerly awaited the outcome of the BMP. He confirmed the town council was fully committed to support the scoping study as this was essential and the only option to move the town forward.

*157 Sidmouth – Eastern Town Scoping Study 

The Deputy Chief Executive thanked Councillor Jeff Turner from Sidmouth Town Council (STC) for his commitment to working in partnership with EDDC as an important step forward for the two councils. As principal landowner EDDC proposed to undertake a scoping exercise in respect of the Port Royal vicinity at the eastern end of Sidmouth seafront. This was to investigate ways to bring about investment and development to renew the area and create a high quality mix of uses. 

Discussions included whether the Sidmouth Vision Group survey data would be used as well as any new data gathered. The Deputy Chief Executive confirmed that previous data history would not be disregarded. EDDC and STC would appoint an appropriate professional consultancy to undertake the study and presently had no one in mind. 


1. EDDC would work with Sidmouth Town Council to prepare a brief and commission appropriate professional consultancy. This was to scope out the detailed work required and options to fully plan the tasks and process, to achieve the regeneration of Port Royal 

2. to add to the offer of £2,000 from Sidmouth Town Council a sum of up to £8,000 from EDDC’s existing towns regeneration fund Cabinet 6 January 2016 102 

3. to delegate responsibility to take this project forward to the Deputy Chief Executive, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Strategic Development and Partnerships REASON: To respond to the request form Sidmouth Town Council to work in partnership on the renewal of a key location on, and behind the town’s seafront.


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