Tuesday 2 December 2014

Knowle relocation project: demolish or renovate?

In the wider context, the absence of a local plan means the District has been left vulnerable to unplanned development:
Futures Forum: The NPPF, the absence of an East Devon Local Plan .......... and 'The Real Estate Industrial Complex'

Meanwhile, in the current draft local plan, there is provision for fifty new dwellings on the site of the current Knowle buildings in Sidmouth:

We see no rationale for the allocation of 20 dwellings at Manstone, 50 at the Knowle and 30 at the East End, 100 in total apart from the fact the total happily coincides with the total allocation of 100 dwellings, and that all these are on EDDC land.

Sid Vale Association - SVA response to final LDP June 2012
REPRESENTATION TO THE DRAFT LOCAL PLAN - Vision Group for Sidmouth - 14 January 2013
Futures Forum: Identifying housing 'need'

There has been considerable debate about the costs of relocating the District Council's headquarters - even before any new-build on the site is considered:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: the letters of objection

But the consistent line from the District Council has been that it would be too expensive to stay put at Knowle - and, indeed, in the latest report to be delivered tomorrow
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: District Council cabinet meets Wednesday 3rd December: analysis of proposals

... the Deputy CEO reiterates these arguments:

However, the District Council will not publish reports on how it came to these conclusions:
East Devon District Council Defy Information Commissioner | UK Column

Moreover, it has not been willing to counter an 'independent' report into these costings:
EDDC watchdog calls for ‘independent’ Knowle survey - News - Midweek Herald

... as it claims its own reports are 'independent':
Cost of relocating cheaper than staying put - News - Devon 24

Furthermore, in tomorrow's report, the Deputy CEO has made the point that any interested parties so far would not be interested anyway:

4. No market interest has been shown in retaining and refurbishing any of the existing buildings. All bids were made only for a site vacated by EDDC and cleared. Bids received all covered the upper car parks, office and depot space.

5. Bids received make clear that to derive a meaningful capital receipt from the Knowle requires EDDC to leave.


However, the costs of demolition generally far exceed those of renovation:
Futures Forum: "The greenest building is the one standing" >>>>>>>>> Why do developers prefer to demolish buildings than renovate them?

This point was made very clear two years ago by Robin Fuller to the District Council's CEO:
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