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SidEnergy launch: event report

Last week, there was a very well-attended launch of a new project for the Sid Valley:



SidEnergy has identified a £15 million drain of resources from the Sid Valley in the form of energy use.
As energy bills continue to rise, this £15 million is only set to increase. So what can we do to protect ourselves against further increases?
SidEnergy has been created to empower the residents of our local area to take more control of their energy use.
If you want to reduce your bills and support the move towards clean renewable energy in the Sid Valley, then sign up to our mailing list, or email us for more  information.
To read about our launch event click here.


SidEnergy has been created by members of the community, to work for the community.
Together we will work towards increasing the Sid Valley’s financial energy security.
Set up as an Industrial Provident Society, for the benefit of the community it is designed to make economic, social and environmental sense.
SidEnergy will be informed by several principles and founding directives:
  • SidEnergy will seek to save and generate local renewable energy, in order to reduce the 15 million energy bill drain
  • SidEnergy aims to engage the entire population, not just those concerned with energy issues
  • SidEnergy will provide economic and social benefits back to the community in the form of a community fund
Through these principles we will be working towards three different projects that we will be adding more information on soon.
These projects are:
  1. Energy purchasing club. This is the bulk purchase of gas and electricity from a chosen supplier. A recent DECC reportoutlined that the average annual saving per household from this is £131.
  2. Buying clubs. Through our Open Homes programme (launching soon) SidEnergy will work with local suppliers and installers to receive discounts for members on renewable energy technologies and energy saving measures.
  3. Share offer. SidEnergy’s will scope the feasibility of suitable local renewable energy projects, which will result in the opportunity for members to buy shares in them.
Press Release 18 November 2013 
SidEnergy Launched at the Observatory
An excellent turnout in excess of sixty people attended the launch of SidEnergy on Thursday 14th November at the Norman Lockyer Observatory.  The community energy company, which was formed by the Sid Valley Energy Action Group, will now press ahead to recruit more members, so that it can start to make inroads into the £15 million energy bill cost to the area.
The launch meeting was chaired by Derek Chant of SVEAG as he firstly introduced Jake Burnyeat, who described how WREN (Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network) has already started delivering all sorts of benefits to the community.  Three of SidEnergy’s core team then took to the stage.
Jon Ball described how energy used to be produced locally until the firms involved were gradually swept into the big six suppliers of today.
Duncan Hasell, Chairman of the newly formed SidEnergy, outlined the big energy issues of today and their impact on the Sid Valley Community.
Joel Venn  then set out how SidEnergy would provide group buying capability, both in negotiating lower prices from suppliers, and in forming partnerships with local companies who can provide energy conservation and generation technologies at favourable prices for SidEnergy members.
The  audience were then offered the opportunity to take part in an “Open Homes” event next February, where local residents will show how they use these technologies and energy efficiency measures in their homes.  Dates and venues will be announced in the New Year.
Half an hour of lively and positive discussion took place in a question and answer session.  Most of the attendees very enthusiastically signed up as members of SidEnergy. “ The more people in the community who join, the bigger the benefits will be” said Duncan Hasell, so visit the website www.sidenergy.co.uk or email info@sidenergy.co.uk to register your interest now.

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