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Sidford business park >> campaign group's latest update > Inquiry to start 16th July

The campaign against the proposed development at Sidford has sent out a reminder that further points can be made to the Inspector:
Futures Forum: Sidford business park >> campaign group's latest update > additional comments can be sent to the appeal Inspector by 22nd April

Meanwhile, we have learnt that there will be a public enquiry on the appeal over the planning permission for an industrial estate at Sidford:
Futures Forum: Sidford business park >> A PUBLIC Inquiry to be held >> "The appeal will now proceed by means of an Inquiry and not a Hearing"

And the campaign has issued a further posting on the issue:

Campaign Update 27

We have now been advised by the District Council that the Planning Inspector has determined that instead of holding a Hearing into the planning appeal as we previously had been told, the Inspector has now decided to hold an Inquiry which could last up to three days. The first of these days is due to start on 16 July.  We are assuming that the Inspector will therefore have penciled in the Inquiry to be held on 16, 17 and 18 July. The Inquiry will be held in public and will be held locally. If you have any interest in attending then put these dates in your diary now!

In our last Update we asked you to consider submitting additional evidence to the Planning Inspector and we know that a number have done so, and thank you to those who have.

The District Council's latest communication advises that the Inspector has put back the date by which additional submissions can be made. The new deadline by which any additional comments have to be received by the Inspector is now 17 May. 

We again would encourage as many of you as possible who wish to, to submit comments even at this late stage. As the District Council refused planning permission solely on grounds related to highways matters you should only submit highways related comments. In doing so you might want to address matters that include - 

  • Evidence or statements regarding the effect of noise, vibration, damage and pollution on your properties (and vehicles) due to HGV or other traffic
  • Effect on the health of residents attributable to air quality 
  • Effect of pollution on children walking to school and in the playground of the primary school
  • Road safety issues - lack of pavements or narrow pavements, plus no lollipop lady, crossing nor traffic lights to help you cross safely with your children 
  • Traffic delays due to congestion at the various pinch points on the A375 in both Sidford and Sidbury
  • Evidence of vehicles mounting and/or diving on pavements
Where possible your comments should be supported by photographic evidence. We believe that it is important for as many photographs and/or videos are submitted to the Planning Inspector showing images of traffic congestion/difficulties along the A375 at any point between Sidford and Cotford in Sidbury. 

Attached, once again, is a brief guide as to how to present any submission that you make.

Best wishes

Campaign Team

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