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P2P: working beyond the system

Rather than relying on intermediaries - other businesses, other people, other authorities
Futures Forum: The uses and abuses of power: “The larger and more authoritarian the organization, the better the chance that its top decision-makers will be operating in purely imaginary worlds.”

- one can just go 'P2P':
Social peer-to-peer processes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.
You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.
That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~

Welcome to the P2P Foundation

The P2P Foundation is an international organization focused on studying, researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer practices in a very broad sense. This website is our knowledge commons and it's collaboratively built by our community. Learn more...
Towards an Open Cooperativism for an Autonomous Internet and Society

P2P Foundation 

This means ...

Beyond planned obsolescence: 
Futures Forum: The antidote to Stuffocation: "Sharing, lending, bartering, swapping and gifting networks can all play a part and creating things can be done collaboratively."

Innovation and technology:
Futures Forum: Frugal Innovation: on BBC Radio 4's In Business

The Third Industrial Revolution:
Futures Forum: Jeremy Rifkin and the Collaborative Commons
Futures Forum: The Real Economy Lab

The Sharing Economy:
Futures Forum: The 'sharing economy' in the news...
Futures Forum: The 'sharing economy', 'resilience' and 'nudging': Evgeny Morozov on "The rise of data and the death of politics"

Futures Forum: Resilience: "building a world of resilient communities"

The Real Economy Lab:
Futures Forum: The Real Economy Lab

Futures Forum: A solution to our housing problems: the WikiHouse 4.0: How to build your own sustainable house

Local power generation:
Futures Forum: Community energy cooperatives: "bootstrapping the alternative economy"
Futures Forum: Small-scale, locally-controlled power generation

The future of money:
Futures Forum: Bank of Dave
Futures Forum: Transition Towns, local currencies and the Bitcoin revolution
Futures Forum: An Exeter Pound: What came first: money or debt? ... David Graeber's "Debt: The First 5000 Years"

This means ... Crowdsourcing - P2P Foundation

Why use a bank when you can do it yourself?

Thousands of people here in Britain are already taking part in Peer to Peer lending.

More than £939 million was exchanged between complete strangers in 2013, arranging their own terms of interest. That’s £939 million worth of financial transactions happening OUTSIDE the financial system.

The growth we’re seeing is astonishing.

Zopa has helped savers lend more than £529 million in peer-to-peer loans and has been voted "Most Trusted Personal Loan Provider" in the Moneywise Customer Awards for the past 4 years. On the other hand, one of the world’s most recognisable "old" institutions, Barclays, was voted the least trusted financial provider.

Make no mistake – the peer-to-peer phenomenon is making waves – and money. The more people who join Zopa’s network to loan or borrow money, the more powerful and valuable it becomes.

And it’s not just lending. The other side of this story is about borrowing outside of the traditional financial system. This is a new and direct way for individuals and businesses to fund their projects and financial ambitions.

Take the smart-watch company Pebble. They raised $10m of "crowdfunded" investment to beat Apple, Samsung and Nike to creating a popular "smartwatch". That’s a market predicted to rival the smartphone for revenue in the coming years. To date, Pebble has sold over 400,000 watches… and it was all made possible by harnessing the power of the crowd.

Crowdfunding is fast becoming an effective and credible way to start or maintain a business. Since its inception in 2009, more than 6 million people have pledged over $1bn in funding ($650 per minute) on crowdfunding website Kickstarter – to more than 60,000 projects.

But how has this way of doing things caught on so quickly? And what makes it so effective?

Crowd Power- social lending | MoneyWeek
Crowdpower peer-to-peer lending report - MoneyWeek

This also means decentralising systems ...

What is P2P? - YouTube
This concept can be taken further ...

OpenBazaar is a decentralized platform for online trade, using Bitcoin. No middleman to censor your trade or take a cut; you can use OpenBazaar to exchange directly with anyone on the internet.

And even further ...
Startup Cities Institute
The Seasteading Institute | Opening humanity's next frontier
Live Like You're Free : Blog : Foundation for Economic Education

... even in East Devon ...
Futures Forum: Special development zones for East Devon...?

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