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New Economics Foundation: Clone Town Sidmouth? >>> "The towns most dependent on the biggest chains and out of town stores have proven to be most vulnerable to the economic crisis."

The New Economics Foundation will be coming to Sidmouth next month as part of Climate Week to talk about building a resilient local economy:
Futures Forum: Climate Week in Sidmouth ... The New Economics Foundation and systems change >>> "Coastal Communities and their Local Economies" >>> Saturday 7th March at 4.30pm

The NEF have carried out a lot of research on the local economy 
- including a report from a couple of years ago on revitalising our high streets:
Reimagining the high street | New Economics Foundation

- which followed on from their report on 'clone-towns':
Clone Town Britain | New Economics Foundation
Press | New Economics Foundation

There has been a lively conversation at Sidmouth Streetlife - spotted by the East Devon Watch blog:
Sidmouth: are more chain stores needed? | East Devon Watch

Chains to revitalise Sidmouth?

Barnacle Bill 
Interesting letters in yesterday's Herald - especially the one concerning Chain shops.

Some very valid points raised - a couple of which I find myself aligned to.
High street chains are not the panacea.  Be careful what you wish for.  Suggest you visit the New Economics Foundation website.  They have previously produced reports on clone towns (i.e. those which are full of chain stores).  Exeter is a prime example. 
"The towns most dependent on the biggest chains and out of town stores have proven to be most vulnerable to the economic crisis."
The Wooden Eye
Big national chains can't be good, not here and pretty much nowhere else.  I can also see no urgent need to revitalise Sidmouth, the town is much more vital than many others. Independents are the way to go and thankfully, we have them.

I asked yesterday in the Rainbow store in Honiton when they'd close. They are a 5 shops 'chain' as far as I know and currently advertise a closing down sale. Apparently, they found out yesterday that they don't have to close at all. Good.
Katrina L
Why does the woman who wrote the letter think our town is not thriving and that we are doing any differently from anywhere else in the country.
High streets in general are struggling, especially those with chain stores.
At least independents have the autonomy to be able to adapt to changing markets, that's if they want too of course. For example we change our menu to reflect current food trends.
Also as far as I am aware Coastal, Selleys, Costa, Dairy Shop and the Chattery are all open to 5pm.
I personally don't like the American ethos of shops and restaurants being open 24/7, as I feel it can have a detrimental effect on family life.
From my personal and business experience of Sidmouth, I don't think it needs to change that much, it just needs a bit of tweaking....and a really good team up at the council in charge of tourism.
Pc.plod P
It seems you all have short memories, when the large chain stores came to town i.e. Tesco and alike the corner shops disappeared. If you shop in Sidmouth on a regular basis the independent's will thrive. I surmise that the ones that are complaining or suggesting the new ideas for Sidmouth are from out of town and are missing their favourite stores like M&S, Next, BHS etc.....etc.....etc.

Streetlife | Chains to revitalise Sidmouth?

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