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Civic Voice and Local Heritage Lists >>>>>>>>>>>>>> SVA 'local heritage assets project' at Sidmouth Library

The Sid Vale Association is asking for people to nominate any 'local heritage assets';
Futures Forum: "What's important to our local heritage?"... The Sid Vale Association's "local heritage assets project" asks for nominations

The Library exhibition continues all next week:
Futures Forum: Sid Vale Association: launch of heritage project ... Monday 26th January at Sidmouth Library

The Civic Society, of which the SVA is a member, is encouraging this process
- showcasing other examples from around the country:

Local Heritage List

Following a vote at the Civic Voice convention in 2012, this is now a national campaign championed by Civic Voice with the endorsement of English Heritage. Civic societies up and down the country are rising to the challenge of preparing a ‘Local List’.
We are organising a series of workshops, seminars and conferences on local heritage listing and would be happy to come and talk to your local council, MP or community about the benefits of adopting a local heritage list.
Civic Voice is the national charity for the civic movement and as such leads and supports civic societies as a mass movement for quality of place, helping and advising people who are improving their local place. Civic Voice is a grassroots member led organisation with an extensive network of civic societies actively engaged in promoting their local area.
Our strength lies in the ability to be able to tap into the passion and interest of our members. It is those members who have voted for us to take this project forward. Hackney Society, Wivenhoe Society, Norwich Society, Frome Civic Society, Wells Civic Society and Peterborough Civic Society are all names that appear in the English Heritage Good Practice Guide on Local Listing and the HELM website demonstrating the importance of the civic movement to the subject of local heritage lists.
Our project will raise awareness of the importance of local heritage lists and inspiring over 100 communities across England via events, case studies, workshops and social media activity. We will be undertaking a national survey of local government engagement with local heritage lists to get a true national picture of the current interest in this area.
The ultimate aim of this project is to inspire more participation and interest in the importance of community generated local heritage lists
Local Lists have been around for many years and nearly half of the Local Planning Authorities in England already have one. (Civic Voice is looking at making this list public). What is new is that Local Lists are being promoted in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and English Heritage is encouraging all local authorities to compile one.
A document "Good practice guide for local listing" has been produced by English Heritage and there is a strong emphasis on working in partnership with community groups such as civic societies.
Contact us at info@civicvoice.org.uk if you want to get involved in this campaign.

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