Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Sidmouth Beach Management Plan: invitation to comment on draft reports: by 18th February

The Sidmouth will be meeting later this month
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... now that things are moving on:
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Here is a message from the Vision Group for Sidmouth's representative on the BMP Steering Group:

“Jo Frith is the VGS representative on the EDDC Beach Management Plan Steering Group. The plan of work for the BMP is nearly a year behind schedule due to problems in finding historical data. Now, however, the historical data has all been reviewed. Two draft reports have been prepared by the consultants, which assess the current situation, ready for the next Steering Group meeting. 

The reports are:
1. Sidmouth Beach Management Plan - Environmental Baseline. Report size - 1.4MB, 39 pages
2. Sidmouth Beach Management Plan - Defence Baseline Assessment. Report size - 8.9MB, 89 pages

These two reports are in DRAFT and the Steering Group are invited to comment on them by 18th February. The findings in these reports will form the basis upon which recommendations are made for future beach management. The assessment of the state and effectiveness of the current sea defences and coastal protection are very interesting and draw lessons from the damage done by last winter’s storms. Most of the findings are obvious just on cursory viewing of the sea front. One thing that did perturb Jo is that the wall out to sea on the western side of the River Sid is classed as in “Poor” condition with a life expectancy of 1-5 years. The low level of the beach to the west of this wall is responsible for the damage to it and also for the overtopping by waves in last winter’s storms. Jo will of course be making comments from her reading of these reports. She has said that she will also be commenting on the plan by EDDC to put Beach Huts on the seaward side of the Millennium walkway in view of the comments in the report about this area of the beach. She will also ensure that the references between the Shoreline Management Plan and these reports are full and accurate.

If anyone wishes to look at copies of the reports and pass their comments to Jo for collating in her return to EDDC, she will email electronic copies out to you. However, please only ask for copies if you really mean to read them in view of the large size of each of the reports. Jo’s email address is: jo.frith@fortfield.eclipse.co.uk

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