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The Blue New Deal from the New Economics Foundation: "In Sidmouth, it could influence the beach management plan, help the town access forthcoming EU funding or drive a regeneration of Port Royal from the ground-up."

There's an exciting project just launched:
Futures Forum: The Blue New Deal from the New Economics Foundation: 'delivering good jobs and economic sustainability for coastal communities through a healthier marine environment'

It's linked to other local projects:
Futures Forum: Sea Fest: Inshore fishing traditions gather in Sidmouth
Futures Forum: Developing a hub for Sidmouth's seafront
Futures Forum: The future of tidal power... in Sidmouth >>> "The 'Tidal Power REEF' is still alive and well"

The Herald has just published a piece which brings many of these elements together:

New deal to boost jobs and tourism

06:43 24 July 2015
Sidmouth view from Peak Hill. Picture: Alex Walton. Ref sidmouth view
Sidmouth view from Peak Hill. Picture: Alex Walton. Ref sidmouth view

A Sidmouth ‘think tank’ has begun collaborating with an environmental group that is striking a ‘blue new deal’ for communities along the coast.
The New Economics Foundation’s (NEF) initiative is aimed at boosting jobs and tourism, addressing the threat of climate change and promoting energy independency.
In Sidmouth, it could influence the beach management plan (BMP), help the town access forthcoming EU funding or drive a regeneration of Port Royal from the ground-up.
Introducing the Blue New Deal, the NEF’s Fernanda Balata said: “From small fishing villages to large seaside resorts, coastal communities in the UK owe their livelihoods to the marine environment.
“But, over the years, the absence of social and environmental goals in some of our key coastal and marine industries – such as fishing, energy, and tourism – has put this relationship under threat. The Blue New Deal sets a vision for revitalising coastal communities and protecting the natural resources they depend on.”
The Vision Group for Sidmouth hopes to make the town one of the first to embrace it, but Jeremy Woodward said it would be up to the town and district council to lead the way.
The aims of the Blue New Deal are very much in line with the ideals of Sea Fest, Sidmouth’s celebration of everything in and on the sea – and the NEF was impressed with how it was implemented.
One of its organisers, district councillor Matt Booth, said: “There are many ways in which Blue New Deal could benefit Sidmouth. I think by influencing the BMP for a start, but also by linking external partners that can support the town and district council. I would personally be very keen to get NEF involved in the BMP.”
Another Sea Fest organiser, town councillor Louise Cole, welcomed its focus on responsible tourism, saying: “Through creating a circular economy that re-uses resources and benefits the local economy rather than a linear one which takes the benefits out nationally, Sidmouth will ensure its sustainable future as a better place to live and visit.”
New deal to boost jobs and tourism - News - Sidmouth Herald

The Beach Management Plan is slowly making its way - and could include the Blue New Deal:
Futures Forum: Sidmouth Beach Management Plan >>> now at Stage 3 of 6 >>> reviewing the reports >>> possible recommendations out by September

There is the circular economy:
Futures Forum: The sharing economy >>> “A lot of people want to do the right thing but they are struggling because the systems and culture aren’t right. Companies and governments have got a big role to play in doing that.”
Futures Forum: The Circular Economy @ Radio 4's In Business
Futures Forum: Rob Hopkins: "founder of the Transition movement, a radically hopeful and community-driven approach to creating societies independent of fossil fuel."
Futures Forum: The antidote to Stuffocation: "Sharing, lending, bartering, swapping and gifting networks can all play a part and creating things can be done collaboratively."
Futures Forum: We are all truck-drivers now ... The free movement of goods, increased carbon emissions and the destruction of manufacturing industry
Futures Forum: Localising Prosperity >>> by mainstreaming community economic development

And there are lots of local businesses:
Futures Forum: The Devon Environmental Business Initiative's >>> Renewable Energy Forum >>> discussing technologies @ Pebblebed Vineyards >>> Weds 24th June
Futures Forum: The Local Entrepreneur Forum
Futures Forum: A food festival for Sidmouth?
Futures Forum: Otter Rotters: moving on and moving in
Futures Forum: In defence of Sidmouth's independent businesses
Futures Forum: The Sid Valley Business Awards 2015: winners
Futures Forum: Totnes REconomy Project ... and Atmos Totnes
Futures Forum: Small Business Saturday - 6th December

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