Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Brexit: and splits in East Devon

Brexit is not a matter of simple left or right divisions:
Rebecca Lowe: Leave isn't right-wing, Remain isn't left-wing | Conservative Home

And so the party political confusion worsens:
PETER OBORNE: I predict Brexit will trigger the collapse of two-party politics  | Daily Mail Online
The stakes couldn't be higher, yet Labour are just as confused about Brexit as you and me - Telegraph

To what extent is this reflected in East Devon?
Futures Forum: Brexit: and two-thirds of Conservative Party members opting for "no-deal rather than a bad deal"
Futures Forum: Brexit: and East Devon's MP's amendment as damage limitation
Futures Forum: Brexit: and the County Council in denial

It is understood that the East Devon Conservatives are currently selecting their candidates for this year's District elections:
East Devon | Conservatives

Last night the Sidmouth Labour party were meeting at exactly the same time as the Brexit vote was happening in the Commons:

Whilst the East Devon Alliance is also split over Brexit:
People's Conference « East Devon Alliance

However, East Devon's independent parliamentary candidate is very clear on her position:
Worst parliamentary defeat on record, no confidence vote in government and general chaos reigns – Claire Wright 

The background, though, is still the party-political mess at national level, with East Devon's MP voting last night in opposition to his colleague in Honiton:
Brexit: East Devon – a district divided. | East Devon Watch

There has been talk of a need for some sort of cooperation for some time now:
Sky Views: Cross-party team must now negotiate Brexit

But whether this will create further splits is very much open to question:
Brexit may destroy the Conservative Party - The London Economic
Jacob Rees-Mogg: Tory party will split if Theresa May uses Labour votes to deliver soft Brexit | PoliticsHome.com

Perhaps we need to look beyond East Devon and the UK to the bigger picture and the attempts to create lasting splits from way beyond these shores:
Russian bid to influence Brexit vote detailed in new US Senate report | World news | The Guardian
Another good day for Putin as turmoil grips US and UK - CNNPolitics
The Daily 202: From Brexit to NATO and the shutdown, Putin is winning so much he might get tired of winning - The Washington Post

There is always the 'nuclear option:
The best way to scupper Putin and Trump? Scrap Brexit | Natalie Nougayrède | Opinion | The Guardian

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