Thursday, 10 January 2019

Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan: "the next phase of its contribution" >>> community actions

The Neighbourhood Plan is on its way to the Examiner:
Futures Forum: Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan now submitted to District Council for final examination

Meanwhile, there will be a parallel look at how to take on the several 'community actions' which came out of the various public consultations of the last two years:
Futures Forum: The emerging Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan > looking to 'community actions' to shape the future

In a recent thread on the Next Door social network, there has been some discussion on how to take the community actions forward.

It started with a discussion on the future of the local paper, with members of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group adding comment: 

Sidmouth Town· 5d ago

The only way it would work as a paper would be to make it more wide ranging and meaningful to a wider range of people. Maybe the paper would be more successful if it reflected a wider range of views with articles written by residents about what it's like for younger first time buyers wanting to live in Sidmouth but finding it hard to access a property market dominated by older wealthier in- comers. 

I hope that there are policies within the Neighbourhood Plan that might go some way to alleviating this situation and eventually partially address the age in-balance within our community.

North Sidmouth·3d ago

I'm not sure if the Herald team keep up to date with what people are saying on this forum; it's been quiet since the new owners took over. Let's see if they pick up the constructive comments that are starting to come through and acknowledge them? If not, perhaps the best comments could be edited and sent as a letter? I particularly like Jan's suggestion of a reader survey, and Deirdre's idea of greater participation by a broader section of the community. 

... Let's do what we can, collectively, to support our local paper!

Sidmouth Town· 3d ago

Does this fit in with some of the Neighbourhood Plan policies on Economic Resilience,  Peter?

North Sidmouth· 3d ago

Policies relating to land - No. It's not a topic for which we could seek statutory support. Free market economy and all that. To me, a local paper is sort of a virtual focus that keeps a community connected, part of a larger group of initiatives that vibrant communities bring about for themselves. The recent focus on loneliness might be such an example of a community initiative of considerable importance? 

But to your question - if it does fit in with residents views which are reported in the Neighbourhood Plan surveys and now in the Version which has been submitted to EDDC after STC approval, it may well have some support in the Community Actions under the Community and Culture section. 

It may also at some point in the coming year appear on the radar of the Sidmouth Vision Group as it enters the next phase of its contribution to our Community.


The Vision Group has always been keen to help out with any local planning - and has, along with other groups in the Valley, done its bit to contribute to the Neighbourhood Plan process:
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood Plan: Vision Group workshop on survey >>> Weds 19th Oct

Watch this space for 'the next phase' - and the VGS website:
VGS - Vision Group for Sidmouth

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