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Knowle relocation project: Pegasus plans: 'true or false?'

There has been a lot of scepticism and even more questions around the proposed plans for the Knowle site:
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The Herald published a piece looking at the 'ambiguous claims' of the preferred developer.

Here is the letter in full, with permission from the author:

                                                          True or False?

Here, in italics, are some of the false or ambiguous claims made by PegasusLife in its Revised Plans for the Knowle site:

          1. “We have ensured that our proposed buildings are carefully located on parts of the site that are currently developed”
But the Revised Master Plan clearly shows that the southern blocks C and D as well as almost all of Block E are well outside current building lines and well down on the lawned terraces.

2.     “We have reduced the height and size of our scheme”
Block F is considerably higher, bulkier and closer to properties in Upper Knowle Drive; in fact, twice the height of the current office building and up to three times the height of the nearest existing property.
3.     We  have reduced the number of apartments”
Yes, overall by only 8, but added more to Block F.

4.     “We have lowered the eaves next to Knowle Drive”
But increased the height of the roofs considerably so that Building F will now be twice the height of the nearest two-storey property.

5.     “We have made the buildings less visible to our neighbours”
No, you have increased the visual impact and height of buildings adjacent to Upper Knowle Drive massively; upper windows of the proposed buildings will look into bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges of nearby properties.

PegasusLife's drawings also flatter to deceive: the one on upper Knowle Drive is an example of artistic licence, taken from an angle which gives no idea of the real height and mass of the building block; the one from the southern gardens of the two huge blocks on the lawns is masked by high trees to disguise the horrendous impact of these blocks on the public park.

Let us hope that the DMC (planning committee) will make a site inspection, with poles provided to give a more accurate idea of the height and impact of this gross over-development.

Michael Temple

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