Friday, 12 February 2016

Sustainable Development in Exmouth

There's been quite some discussion about the plans for Exmouth's seafront - much of it very heated:
Exmouth Splash - Public Opinion & Discussion Page
Save Exmouth Seafront | Campaign against The Queen’s Drive Development

There has also been some discussion about the 'consultation' and Q&As offered on the District Council's website:
Exmouth regeneration frequently asked questions and answers - February 2016 - Will there be further consultation? - East Devon
Exmouth regeneration frequently asked questions and answers - February 2016 - East Devon

This is the view from the chair of Transition Town Exmouth, from their latest newsletter:

Planning Battles

I find myself unable to comply with the several requests I've had for Transition Exmouth to weigh in on the side of the Save Exmouth Seafront campaigners. Several times our meetings have supported the position that we should not enter the planning battleground except to urge the maximum sustainability standards on the Developers, which we are doing.

The QDD already has outline PP but we were faced with a different situation when the 'Full' (one-shot) M&S/Kilo application appeared. If that is to go ahead on the basis of the plans submitted, the town will loose any opportunity to locate our Integrated Transport Interchange so long anticipated and planned for. A major, almost a fatal, set-back for sustainable transport at a time when the town is expanding. M&S and Kilo's response to criticisms by ourselves and others were not adequate so Transition Exmouth formally objected. Alas EDDC officers have recommended approval and the decision is to be taken next week!

Our hard work on Sustainable Development in Exmouth has not gone unnoticed however. I met with the Developer of the Watersports Centre in December to urge the sustainability agenda on him and now, extracted from an extensive list of Q&As just published by EDDC, is this update:
15. Will there be further consultation?
...The developer of the Watersports Centre is currently improving its plans to ensure the development meets the highest standards of sustainability prior to a consultation process.”

Surely we can all welcome that?

Transition Town Exmouth | Dealing With Climate Change and Peak Oil

See their newsletter on the same subject from November:
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