Thursday, 26 July 2018

Knowle relocation project: and objections to another council's relocation scheme: "absence of affordable housing, inadequate parking, over development / increase in housing numbers, loss of trees and alternatives have not been sufficiently explored"

Sidmouth is not the only place objecting to the District Council relocating - on the basis of extraordinary expense, job losses, lack of promised affordable housing and dismay at the way the project has been handled - amongst others:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: objecting to "the demolition of the council’s current headquarters to make way for x homes, a scheme that will help fund the building of a new HQ...... The council claims that the development would not be viable with the provision of affordable housing."

News has just come in that campaigners in Leamington have failed in their application for a judicial review into Warwick District Council's £50m plans for a new headquarters:

Judicial review bid over £50m scheme rejected | Insider Media Ltd

With this report from the Local Government Lawyer site: 

Judge refuses permission for challenge to district council HQ relocation plans

Thursday, 26 July 2018

In a statement on Crowd Justice, Save Leamington from Warwick DC said: “Those of us most closely involved in this case are deeply disappointed by this decision and the award of costs against us. In essence, the weakness of the financial viability for the development has led to vital services not receiving the funding that they would normally be expected to receive and which they all requested.

“This was not unlawful, as we sought to argue, but it continues to expose the very flawed basis for this development and the related one at Covent Garden. We are very grateful to our supporters. We will continue to find ways of campaigning against these developments.”

Local Government Lawyer - Judge refuses permission for challenge to district council HQ relocation plans - local government lawyer

Here is the campaign group itself:

Save Leamington from Warwick DC - Home | Facebook
Save Leamington from Warwick DC (@save_leam) | Twitter

And their objections have a familiar ring about them:

Key Objections:

Below is a summary of key objections to the council's relocation scheme, as put forward by local residents, businesses, politicians, and organisations. These cover objections relating to Covent Garden, Riverside House, and the scheme as a whole.

Absence of Affordable Housing
Inadequate Parking Displacement Strategy
Over Development / Increase in Housing Numbers
Loss of Trees
Alternatives Have Not Been Sufficiently Explored

#saveleam - Save Leamington From Warwick DC

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