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District Council: Local Plan ...................................feedback and scheduled hearings

The draft Local Plan is entering its final stages, where amendments can still be made before it goes to the Inspector:

Dear Sir/Madam

Consultation on Changes to the East Devon Local Plan

I email to acknowledge receipt of comments made by you (or by agents on your behalf) on the Proposed Changes to the Local Plan.  We have now logged on our database all comments made and have produced a draft feedback report ahead of our Council meeting on 23 October 2013.  The draft feedback report can be viewed on our web pages at:
The draft feedback report summarises each individual comment and other relevant information.  We would welcome your views on the accuracy of our records and any amendments that you would see as appropriate.  If you have any comments on our recording please return them to me, if possible, by Monday 28th October 2013 as I plan to send the feedback report (amended where appropriate) and copies of all representations to the Inspector at or very soon after this date.  If you wish to receive a paper print out of our record of your submission please advise.  If you want to suggests changes to our summary of any of your representations please note that our database summary field has a limit of 255 characters (letters, spaces, full stops etc).

The Inspector undertaking the Examination has advised that Hearing Sessions for the Examination are scheduled to start on 11 February 2014.  More information can be viewed on the Council web pages at:
If you wish to receive further information on the Local Plan please do not hesitate to contact me.

Matthew Dickins
Planning Policy Manager

East Devon District Council

Direct Line – 01395 -571540


Consultation on Changes to the East Devon Local Plan: draft feedback report | Save Our Sidmouth

Here are the details for Sidmouth:

Overview of responses to Public Consultation on ‘major’ changes affecting the Sid Valley in EDDC’s Local Plan

There have been numerous representations to the “major” changes to the Local Plan, which are now summarised on the EDDC web site, (www.eastdevon.gov.uk/lp-feedbackreportoct2013.pdf).
The main changes for the Sidford site were annotated by EDDC as 65 and 67. Change 65 related to the provision of a new Employment site outside the town boundary and Change 67 allowed the use of “Ancillary Retail on the Sidford Employment site. There were 65 Representations to Change 65, ( all against), and 88 representations to Change 67, ( Only Fords of Sidmouth asking for fewer restrictions, (see below). The EDDC summary, and the full Representations will be submitted to the Inspector.
Waitrose, Change 67
Following their original Representation of 11th January have said that they do not consider that ” Retail” should be allowed on any Employment site in Sidmouth, nor should the word” Ancillary” be used as it could lead to the “provision of unjustified retail floor space in an out of centre location”
Fords.. EDDC summary of Representation.. Change 67
Objection that changes are now too restrictive in respect to supporting
and promoting development of important employment site and
amendments should make for more flexibility to bring the site forward and
evidence submitted to show market demand.
Councillor Mike Allen has also commented as summarised by EDDC.. Change 67
Sidford allocation contrary to Sidmouth town’s
strategic plan, retail development will weaken sustainability of the town,
high quality landscape will be damaged
There were 113 Representations to Changes 148/149, (the Knowle), none supportive of building in any Parkland.

Overview of responses to Public Consultation on ‘major’ changes affecting the Sid Valley in EDDC’s Local Plan | Save Our Sidmouth

There have been concerns expressed by the Inspector that the final draft of the Local Plan makes use of material of 'poor quality', for example:

Local Plan – EDDC’s justification for employment land

17 October

Following on from the criticism by the Planning Inspector of the poor quality (and content) of the draft Local Plan (see below) we decided to look at just one part of the Local Plan to which he had referred – that of how much employment land should be in the Plan, where and why.    One of the reports in the Plan is headed “Report Setting Out Justification for Employment Provision in the Draft Local Plan 2011 – Report by East Devon District Council – 2011″.  This, of course, exercises our minds because of the way that Sidford Fields was slipped in at the last minute (with no consultation or background information or justification).

Local Plan – EDDC’s justification for employment land | Sidmouth Independent News


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