Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cycling: Access from the Byes to the Sports Centre

The College SCA committee, Sustrans and Devon County jointly funded new cycling facilities at Sidmouth College: 
Futures Forum: Cycling: latest news from Sid Valley

A very nice new bike shed:

right next to the main entrance: 

With a route down the side to the Byes park:

The only problem being that the entrance from the Byes 

is locked out of school hours:

And yet access from the Byes is therefore denied  for members of the public who wish to make use of the Sports/Leisure Centre:

A campaign has started up:

'Sidmouth Sports Hall’ (public use)  path/route to Byes locked ?!  
                                            (Sports Hall is at Sidmouth College)

There is now a sign on back gate, at Byes end, saying private property ?!   But the Sidmouth Sports Centre is public and [last] Saturday [26th October] at 11am there was an event going on at the outside dry football pitch and the Sports Hall was busy.  Yet no one could  use the council funded / provided path to the Byes!

This is not a very green attitude to lock a path/route and force every one on to the roads.

The Sidmouth Sports Centre are getting complaints about no bike or walking access over this  council funded / provided path to the Byes, from their Public Sports Centre, out of school times !!.

Why is it locked when the school/college is closed. The college/school didn't fund the route (Council did), or the moving of the long jump pit (SCA did) or the new bike shed (Sustrans did).

Give the Sidmouth Sports Centre a key and they will lock and open the gate, thus leaving the school caretaker out of this debate.

Put up a signs saying :-
    access to public Sports Hall & College      at Byes end 
    access to Byes (when Sports Hall open)   at new Bike shed end 

It is understood that:
"the Leisure Centre is keen for the path to be used as an access point for all [its] members but the decision needs to come from the school..."  and that the matter is being raised with the College.

As has been pointed out, 
"if the school insist on locking the back gate to the Byes.. they must then start locking the front gate, for the  same  reason (which they would/could not do because of the sports hall access). 
"It makes as much sense as 1) locking your back door to your garden but leaving your front door open, or 2) closing  the forward hatch on a submarine but leaving the  conning tower open, when you dive, dive,dive...!!  

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