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Protecting trees: A new tree warden for Sidmouth

Congratulations to Diana East who has become an official tree warden for the Sid Valley:

Diana is valley's first tree warden

Friday, October 25, 2013

A 'tree of knowledge' on all things arboricultural has been chosen as the Sid Valley's first tree warden...

Delighted Diana East, who has played a pifotal role in making Sidmouth the world's first  civic arboretum, was the unanimous choice of town councillors.

A wardn keeps an eye on protected trees, rasises awareness of the value of trees in the community and encourages people to look after them properly.

The y also get involved with planting, surveys, walks  involving school-children and encouraging farmers to protect hedgerow trees or saplings. Councillors discussed the appointment at a meeting earlier this month.

'Mrs East has been a wonderful powerhouise behind the [Sidmouth] arboretum project,' said Councillor Simon Pollentine.

'I can think of no one better, she has the knowledge and enthusiasm,' said Councillor Mary Jolly.

Cllr Graham Liverton added: 'She is a tree of knowledge. It is a no-brainer to do this.'

The District Council provides professional arboricultural expertise as part of its service.

At the monthly session of the Sidmouth Town Council on 7th October, Diana East of the Sidmouth Arboretum was formally made a Tree Warden for Sidmouth.
www.sidmouth.gov.uk/PDFs/stc agendas 2013/Agenda STC-071013.pdf

The agenda item included a report on the work of Tree Wardens in East Devon, referred to in the Herald article: 
East Devon District Council - Tree Wardens

East Devon

  • Coordinator: Ghislaine Silvers 
  • Information and Admin Officer
    Countryside Team
  • Telephone: 01395 517557 
  • Email: GSilvers@eastdevon.gov.uk 
Every parish in East Devon has a tree warden (or a vacant position for one!) and some have several. The parish tree warden is there to keep an eye on protected trees, to raise awareness of the value of trees in the local community and to encourage people to look after trees carefully. They often do this in conjunction with the parish council.
Some tree wardens also:
- Comment on planning applications relating to trees
- Get involved in planting trees in the parish or encouraging others to do so
- Survey trees or hedgerows in their parish
- Take local people on tree walks
- Involve school children in tree planting or growing trees from seed
- Encourage farmers to protect hedgerow trees or saplings
- Encourage sustainable management of orchards
A tree warden can do as much or as little as they like, depending on the workload in the parish and their own interests and available time. Tree wardens are encouraged to maintain close links with the District Council Tree Officers who can provide information about tree management, law and protection and data about which trees are protected within an individual parish.

Ghislaine Silvers
Information and Admin Officer
Countryside Team
East Devon District Council, Knowle, Sidmouth EX10 8HL

Tel: 01395 517557
East Devon | The Tree Council

Meanwhile, there is quite a team of people engaged in protecting trees in the Valley:

In fact, there are other Tree Wardens in the Valley: Chris Virgo of the SVA is also a tree warden: 

Kate Tobin, who was the Great Trees project co-ordinator for the District Council, continues to be active in matters arboricultural:
East Devon District Council - Great Trees of East Devon 

The SVA has its own officer on 'tree watch':
Sid Vale Association - Tree Watch

Town Councillors Simon Pollentine and Dawn Manley are on the committee of the Sidmouth Arboretum:
Sidmouth Arboretum - Newsletter October 2012

And of course there are the District Council Tree Officers - and clear procedures to follow with regard to trees in the District, as set out by the Council:

If you have any queries regarding tree related issues, please contact the Council’s Tree Officer David Colman on 01395 516551 or e-mail: trees@eastdevon.gov.uk 

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