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Do you want to be a councillor? Advice evening 13th March .... .... .... but you must register by 28th February .... .... .... .... presented by the Parliamentary Outreach Service

From a recent e-mail and reblogged from SIN:
Do you want to be a councillor? Advice evening but you must register by 28 February 2014 | Sidmouth Independent News

Special event – Parliamentary Outreach Service
Thursday 13 March 2014 – 6-9pm Council Chamber, Knowle, Sidmouth

We have been given the opportunity to host this special event and are inviting representatives from voluntary and business organisations together with our parish, town and district councils and representatives from the Youth Parliament and local colleges.

We hope that the event will be interesting in its own right as well as an ideal opportunity to encourage people to think about possibly standing for election in May 2015. Would you please be kind enough to send this invitation out to members within your organisation and ask them to let us know direct if they are able to attend? Your help is much appreciated.

The aim of the evening is
Ø  to support local authority engagement with Parliament
Ø  to highlight the importance of being enrolled on the electoral register, to outline changes as a result of Individual Electoral Registration and the importance of using our votes in elections
Ø  to look at the role of councillors and what can be achieved by standing for election. 

From the blog of Cllr Claire Wright - with a comment asking for more Independents:

Thinking of standing for election?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014 1 Comment by Claire
If you are, you might want to come along to an event run by EDDC on Thursday 13 March, from 6-9pm at the Knowle.
In May 2015, the next general election will take place alongside local elections - for EDDC - and if more people stand than there are seats - for town and parish councils also.
If not enough people stand for election, or the same number as there are seats, candidates will be automatically elected. 
EDDC’s make-up is 59 councillors - 42 conservative, 7 independent and 10 libdem.
In my view, it could do with a more even political spread of councillors!
If you are interested in attending the event, which will explore the role of councillors, local government and its links with parliament, please contact officers on 01395 517541 by Friday 28 February.
1. At 11:04 pm on 29th Jan Sandra Semple wrote:
PLEASE, PLEASE anyone who is interested go along.  This is how we change things and make a difference.  We need more independent candidates at every level - parish, town, district, county, Westminster and MEPs in Europe rvery level.
No more “same old” but people who are not afraid to stand up for themselves and their constituents without the shackles if the political parties who all seem to be putting politics before people.

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