Saturday, 1 February 2014

"Independents, Independents, Independents."

There seems to be increasing hostility towards 'party politics' at both a local and national level:

A response to the East Devon MP having "no choice but to support the government" in its Lobby Bill
Futures Forum: Concerns for campaigning: Lobbying Bill to become law
has been to:

Get ‘em out – Independents, Independents, Independents. The party system is not fit for purpose in a modern world where their attempts to impose the will of the extreme view (in all parties) is an insult to their more sensible adherents.

This followed on from the publishing of correspondence with Hugo Swire MP on the matter:

The party machine does seem invincible:

But there are interesting moves around the country...
It 's often Independents who are the only body able to challenge policy:
Independents protest against Wiltshire Council’s allowances increase (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)
Success at local level can be a spur to seeking national independent representation:
Isle of Wight: Independents set sights on Parliament

But, primarily, independents can think and work independently of the party machine:

Calls for people to stand as independent councillors

Three wannabe councillors hoping to stand in this year’s local elections say they want to see a change in local politics. Members of the public are being invited to an information event next week to find out how to become a councillor. The Harrow Times spoke to three prospective councillors hoping to run in May’s elections as independents, and who are calling on others to get involved.
Georgia Weston, who will be running in the Headstone North, said: “I don’t think many people realise that anyone can stand as a councillor and you don’t need a political party to back you. “It would be great to see an independent standing in every ward. I believe all councillors should live in the ward they represent. They should use our shops, walk our pavements and throw rubbish in our bins.”
Linda Robinson, who hopes to stand as an independent in Stanmore Park ward, said: “My main reason for standing is to give something different to people in Harrow. I think councillors should listen to the concerns of their constituents. Personally I'm very interested in sustainability issues in borough and doing more for the environment."
Richard Turner hopes to run in Headstone South. She said: “I have always been interested in politics both nationally and locally but I don’t think any of the parties really speak for what I believe in. I think there is a real lack of engagement between councillors and the electorate and there needs to be something done to improve communication. I think there is a lot of dissatisfaction from people when you look at the national picture and it’s the same with the council.”
Calls for people to stand as independent councillors (From Harrow Times)

Of course, it has a lot to do with disenchantment with the established parties - and this is happening elsewhere:
More Voters Call Themselves Independents - Washington Wire - WSJ
Karl Rove: Independents Will Decide the 2014 Elections - WSJ.com

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