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Neighbourhood Plans for towns in East Devon: Axminster and Ottery St Mary

A year ago, Newton Poppleford started out on putting together a Neighbourhood Plan:
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood Plan @ Newton Poppleford this evening: Monday 11th November 8pm

It is now a formal part of District Council process:
East Devon District Council - Newton Poppleford Neighbourhood Plan

And the Parish Council is very much behind it:
Parish and Neighbourhood Plans - Newton Poppleford & Harpford PC
Newton Poppleford & Harpford PC

Meanwhile, the list of Town and Parish Councils getting a Neighbourhood Plan together is growing...

Axminster's ambitions are being supported by the press, with the town's questionnaire posted on the Viewfrom homepage:
View From Online - News from West Dorset, East Devon & South Somerset

And the Herald shows the key interest played by the District Deputy Leader at its launch in August:

Big turnout for neighbourhood plan launch

The ACE team who are steering Axminster's Neighbourhood PLan (l to r) Douglas Hull, Thelma Collier, Joy Hull, Mayor Jeremy Walden and chairman Andrew Moulding. Photo by Chris Carson

The ACE team who are steering Axminster's Neighbourhood PLan (l to r) Douglas Hull, Thelma Collier, Joy Hull, Mayor Jeremy Walden and chairman Andrew Moulding. Photo by Chris Carson

Big turnout for neighbourhood plan launch - News - Midweek Herald

District and Town Councils are providing full support:
East Devon District Council - Axminster Neighbourhood Plan
Neighbourhood Plan | Axminster Town Council

And besides numerous villages in the District going ahead, another of East Devon's towns have embraced the process:
East Devon District Council - Ottery st Mary Neighbourhood Plan

The District Council has provided a lot of advice and support:

Neighbourhood Plans

A new planning system is giving local communities the opportunity to get involved in deciding where development in their area should go. East Devon District Council is committed to supporting communities who want to get involved. We have set up this Neighbourhood Plan webpage to keep you informed on progress with plans to date and to provide links (at the bottom of the page) to information which we think you will find useful. Please note we cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites.
We hope that the information on this page will answer most questions but, if you would like to discuss Neighbourhood Plans please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01395 571533 or e-mail localplan@eastdevon.gov.uk
Parishes active in Neighbourhood Planning can be viewed by visiting theNeighbourhood Planning Interactive Map.
Before you start please read our Frequently Asked Questions.
An organisation (funded by the Government as part of their Localism agenda) called My Community Rights has a dedicated web-page on Neighbourhood Planning. We suggest that you read this before starting as it provides a comprehensive overview of Neighbourhood Planning and the other community rights set out in the Localism Act. This website also sets out what funding is available from the Government and enables you to apply for funding online. You will first need to complete the simple eligibility checker on the website and then will be given access to the grant application form. Example funding applications are provided for guidance and we are happy to help if we can.
Once you have decided that your community would like to produce a Neighbourhood Plan we suggest that you read Locality's Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap Guide which is available to download from their website -  http://locality.org.uk/resources/neighbourhood-planning-roadmap-guide/ . This provides a detailed step-by-step guide to undertaking the process.
If you require paper copies of this information please contact us.
CPRE have a comprehensive website (part funded by Government) 'Planning Help'which sets out the steps involved in producing a Neighbourhood Plan
The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 set out how neighbourhood plans have to be prepared
The Localism Act is the legislation which enables Neighbourhood Plans to be produced
Evidence will be key to Neighbourhood Planning. In preparation of our Planning Policy documents we use a wide range of evidence based studies which are available to view here.
In some cases a Sustainability Appraisal and/or a Strategic Environmental Assessment may be required. We intend to commission guidance to assist communities producing Neighbourhood Plans. In the meantime, further advice can be found here.
Planning Aid has a website dedicated to Neighbourhood Planning to support people and communities who are using new powers under the Localism Act 2011 to create neighbourhood plans.  Go to www.ourneighbourhoodplanning.org.uk/
The Woodland Trust has PDF file written guidelines on how to incorporate woods and trees into your Neighbourhood Plan (223KB Portable Document Format - 17 January 2014 - PDF Help).  
The web-site for Dorest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has a 'Traffic in Villages' toolkit - www.dorsetaonb.org.uk/our-work/rural-roads/traffic-in-villages-toolkit
Please note that East Devon District Council cannot accept responsibility for the content of external web-sites.
Page last updated on 8 October 2014
East Devon District Council - Neighbourhood Plans

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