Monday 11 November 2013

Neighbourhood Plan @ Newton Poppleford this evening: Monday 11th November 8pm

The Parish Council of Newton Poppleford and Harpford is leading the process for putting together a Neighbourhood Plan:

Next Meeting:
11th November 2013,
NP Hall

This meeting is an open meeting for all, to discuss whether we should create a Neighbourhood Plan for the our Parish. Something the government is very keen communities should do.

Neighbourhood Plan
An open meeting to consider the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for this parish will be held on
Monday 11th November at 8.00pm in NP Village Hall,
Chaired by Cllr Mark Sanders

Newton Poppleford & Harpford Parish Council - Welcome

A Parish Plan already exists:

Newton Poppleford & Harpford Parish Council - Parish Plan
Newton Poppleford & Harpford Parish Council - Parish Plan

The question is whether a Neighbourhood Plan would have had some influence on the recent controversial planning decisions in the village:

Because Newton Poppleford Parish Council decided against having a ‘neighbourhood plan’, the development management committee decided that ‘first developer past the post gets all 40 houses’ in direct opposition to residents’ objections.
Planning pain - Letters - Sidmouth Herald 

However, there has been consideration of this type of Plan for sometime - as with comments from the village's District Councillor in late 2011:

To make life even more interesting Newton Poppleford and Harpford is preparing its own Neighbourhood Plan. You will recall that, in 2010, you completed a questionnaire about the community and its infrastructure. The response has been analysed professionally and, I understand, the Steering Group will be presenting a first draft of the results to the Parish Council sometime in the New Year. Neighbourhood Plans will carry considerable weight in the future. 


The Parish Clerk drew up some principles late last year:

Neighbourhood Plan Principles 

The Working Party produced a set of principles to guide the location of new housing development within the parish during the plan period and ensured that these were robust enough to continue for the foreseeable future. 

0 Newton Poppleford as a living village. This means (as stated in Parish plan) new housing for villagers in a cross section of sizes and types with further scope for villagers to work locally. 

0 New housing built as part of the existing village. Developments should not extend the existing village and not be in other places within the parish dislocated from existing housing and amenities. 

0 Good access to community facilities and ready access to public transport. Newton Poppleford needs new housing built where residents can access community facilities and transport (bus) and reach the A3052.

Meanwhile, other towns and villages in the District are initiating this process, including Beer:

Beer Parish Council - Home
East Devon District Council - Beer Neighbourhood Plan

And Lympstone:
Lympstone Village Website » Lympstone Neighbourhood Plan
Lympstone Village Website » Lympstone Neighbourhood Plan Documents
East Devon District Council - Lympstone Neighbourhood Plan

With an impressive list and assistance from the District Council:
East Devon District Council - Neighbourhood Plans

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